Intel pulls ads at site critical of #GamerGate


feckity feck feck feck feck.


They know the gamers will buy the latest and greatest Intel chip so of course they’ll support them no matter what.

Just following the money after all.


Intel is just distancing itself from the whole situation. Gamasutra had a article that heavily generalized gamers and outright insulted them. Even though intel stopped their ad campaign, they don’t want to join the gamergate movement.

Putting aside what started this whole controversy, GamerGate still stands primarily for transparency in game journalism. And some of the vitriol that the hashtag exhibits comes from the gross overgeneralization of a gamer being a white male who hates anything to do with the female persuasion. The core, or at least a vocal part of GamerGate could care less about Zoe Quinn. At this point, she is only a footnote. She helped facilitate this discussion, no matter the truths of the allegations against her. Milo Yiannopoulos talks to numerous indie developers and involved parties to help explain what GamerGate is. I would suggest to all to not throw out labels at a vast majority of shadowed faces. We should look into all facts and viewpoints of this movement. Insults in both direction just hurt the discussion we should be having either way: Us readers having the ability to see multiple of viewpoints on an event and discuss it maturely.


If by distancing itself you mean involving itself, then yeah.


This gives me a whole new appreciation for my FX 8350, the powerhungry little bugger.

Also: Isn’t it… curious that this ridiculously named “Operation” calls for a boycott of the (thoroughly excellent! seriously, if you’re a PC gamer and don’t read it, what are you even doing with your life?) gaming site Rock Paper Shotgun - when the specific reason given for the boycott are those “Gamers are dead”-articles the gators clearly didn’t understand?

Because RPS never published such an article. They did, however, publish one titled “video games are for everyone”. Funny, that, when so many followers of GamerGhazi claim to be all for inclusiveness. It’s almost as if… everything they’re interested in is silencing dissenting opinions.


Inner Partisan -> John Walker took however a stance in that article that was against the movement implying they were harassers, you can’t hardly blame #GamerGate for throwing em in with the rest of em, it would easy to apologize, do a token change and continue as always.

I would think that would settle the matter for RPS.

It would ostracized gamers if it continues to support a site that actively came out against it. And in case you don’t know, though I think its a trivial fact, the CEO of Intel is a woman. Its not about anything other than avoiding getting their own constituent mad at them. They even state its not directly in support of GamerGate, but does not share the views of Gamasutra. Its really simple.

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Absolute cock.

Where were these angry masses back when Ben Paddon (of the now-defunct blog [Games Journalists are Incompetent Fuckwits][1]) was railing against bad games journalism? Other than reposting the original article, where was this groundswell of rage when Eurogamer got threatened with legal action over Rab Florence’s article about [games journalists & PR][2]*? And I’m pretty sure that when Jeff Gerstmann was fired from Gamespot for giving Kane & Lynch a bad review, the editors of that site weren’t doxxed or had their lives threatened.

Face it, games journalism is hobby press. We read blogs & websites about a facking hobby/art form (depending on whether we’re supporting boobs in games or defending the in-game violence from legislators). This is fundamentally unimportant, but people’s actual lives are getting messed up as a result of neckbeards hiding behind their keyboards.

So yes, demand better games journalism, but find another banner to rally behind, because Gamergate is (and always has been) a fairly transparent excuse to attack perceived outsiders in pretty vile ways.

*oh, that’s right - Lauren Wainwright was pursued by an angry mob, but oddly enough, none of the male journalists mentioned in the article were. What a surprise!
[2]: Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos |


A good question to ask, before “putting aside what started this whole controversy” is why and how false accusations against Zoe Quinn of sex for reviews started a “movement” and a “controversy” about how the culture of access affects games journalism when games journalism has been stagnated in a culture of access for the last twenty to thirty years with the mostly-quiet consent of ‘gamers’.

Also ask why someone who publicly used his twitter to insult an author and insinuate that her writing about sex was equivalent to actually being a prostitute should be explaining how GamerGate is totally not about shitty internet misogyny.


Good job Brandon! Are you trying to drive Intel away from the whole industry? You realize they are not going to be able to blackmail them to go back to gamasutra, right?

I put it aside cause its stupid. It helps no one to argue about the inconsequential things one woman did or did not do. Working in the realm of facts, open oppression of gamers, not a stereotype, actual men and women gamers, in game journalism is ridiculous and makes no sense to be allowed to happen. I can care less about what’s happening to one woman in an industry with many other notable women that are not becoming huge cases, and are instead focus on making games. Transparency is something everyone should be able to get behind. If you seriously care about what that woman is or isn’t doing, you can join that sect of GamerGate and have your little party. Good change can happen, and letting it slip by because of tabloid bullshit is childish.

DId you just seriously write, as your first sentence, “Putting aside what started this whole controversy, GamerGate still stands primarily for transparency in game journalism.

Isn’t that kind of like,“Putting aside that they are huge land mammals, elephants primarily stand for small delicate flowers” or “Putting aside that they started as weapons to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians, atomic bombs stand primarily for excavation and earthmoving.”

And to help you clarify the thinking in your second sentence, the “vitriol” - to use your term - being spewed under the Gamergate hashtag doesn’t come from “the gross overgeneralization of a gamer being a white male…”. Platonic ideals and abstract stereotypes don’t post to Twitter et al. The vitriol comes from alleged males who - quoting you again - “hate anything to do with the female persuasion” and who identify with the so-called Gamergate.

If there ever was anything there besides rancid hatred of women, it’s long-buried now, and anybody who seriously cares about quality of game journalism should wait a while before bringing up the topic again.

But seriously, was there ever anything else there? In your very first sentence, you seem to implicitly admit that it all started due to some asshole making up a bunch of crap to get revenge on his ex- by getting her harassed. (How nice of you to acknowledge that she “facilitated the discussion.”) Where exactly was that noble cause?


I… I can’t even comprehend the sheer amount of delusional paranoia that would lead one to, unironically, utter such hubris.
Open opression?!? Honkey, PLEASE!


Yeah, I’m advocating getting behind this banner because its got a large voice, a large amount of evidence of collusion, and the big kicker: mass amounts of news outlets giving the collective finger to its audience. In what world do you live in where its ok to openly insult and devalue people based him or her enjoying video games. And this concerns everyone because if they get away with fucking us this time, we’ll always play the role of sheep. And the doxxing and absolute insanity happening right now behind the scenes is inexcusable. I want to give more props to people in general that they can transcend a vocal minority, and deal with a real problem. Lets try and make some progress instead of shrugging this manipulation off.


Do you want links? Because they are quite easy to obtain. And a person coming up to you and saying," you now do not exist," does not sound like oppression of some kind?

I’m really excited about this person who just joined an hour ago, and desperately wants to set the tone for intel vs games that aren’t explicitly against women (or something).



The discussion is that all of a sudden about any publication out there concerning a female developer is calling the critic misogynistic. There is about no viewpoint other than an emphasis on a victim. I’m now going to ask to take apart everything I said in the previous reply, as going back and forth with you it tedious. Once you point out all the qualms you have with it, we can actually talk about something productive, because I know I didn’t come here to talk about Zoe, and by your response, you don’t either. So please try to see the bigger issue here.

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This whole big thing you went into has nothing to do with journalistic integrity and everything to do with the anti-feminist tendencies this whole thread is arguing has taken over the movement. It seems pretty clear you identify with those tendencies from some of your statements.

“In what world do you live in where its ok to openly insult and devalue people based him or her enjoying video games.” - This makes ZERO sense in terms of journalistic integrity and only makes sense if you have the worldview that somehow criticism of video games is an attack on men.

Can you clear up where you stand on this? You’re trying ot have your cake and eat it too.