Intel restores ads on Gamergate-targeted game development site


Yay, the adults are back in control.

I wonder if intel’s PR guy associated with this will return to TWTR. His twitter has gone dark throughout this debacle.


Slow as any bureaucracy, but it makes it all the sweeter. Someone must have finally read something about it all & the emails instead of just worrying after the volume.

So what have they now? That lawyer sap whose name I can’t recall, lots of derp, a Baldwin of sorts and…

yeah not much else.

Gamergate, destined to be the callsign of fail for all who soldier on under its banner. Thanks for letting us all know in advance who to avoid in the future!

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Frankly, it’s pretty embarrassing for Intel that it took them this long to restore the ads. I mean, it was embarrassing that they took the ads down at all, as that was an ignorant knee-jerk reaction to the noise, indicating that they’re pusillanimous and completely out of touch. But they couldn’t even gather the courage to admit they screwed up - especially after they doubled down on the dumb with their initial reaction, where they claimed not to be taking sides while reaffirming they weren’t going to restore the ads. Christ, what gutless assholes.


don’t forget the women haters!


This has got to be an elaborate troll. There is not a single aspect of the entire undertaking that is not over-the-top stupid.


No doubt that Ken (Popehat) is trolling. His target, Roosh, is straight-up ambulance chasing, trying to turn fear of “political correctness” into pageviews and broaden support for his regressive gender politics.


Well, I thought the entire thing was fake, but now I have Bang Estonia (did you know it is part of an ongoing series?) in my Amazon search history. The horror…the horror…


Only 8 comments? Much as free leftovers at work fade from their disposable tinfoil serving trays, so too does Gamergate begin its inevitable longtail into the historical grease trap; caught forever to swirl among the greasy bits of nasty cultural detritus.


Holy shit remember GamerGate everyone? That was a weird time.


On one hand, I can kind of understand how a lumbering bureaucracy the size of which Intel must have would react to doing something dumb quickly by not wanting to reverse is just as quickly. They just made a snap-decision mistake, no more snap decisions!

On the other hand, I kind of wonder if they put it off for a few weeks hoping that they could bring them back without the raging crowd noticing. But, of course, since there was their solitary “victory”, they kind of had to notice.

Intel’s response has been pretty shitty from start to finish. They rushed to drop the ads, then after dropping the ads they came out with their bullshit “apology,” where they said they didn’t support discrimination and weren’t taking sides, which was doubly ridiculous because what else was dropping - and not reinstating - the ads about, if not taking sides. I do think they were trying to fly under the radar by waiting a while to return the ads, which is contemptible - their message is, “We support equality… but not so much that we’re willing to defend that stance if someone thinks it’s controversial!”

I think they had had some other company pull ads from somewhere? I forget. Obviously wasn’t much of a deal, either way.

Holy crap…I thought Ken was doing an Onion-type of article, but it’s a real site? Just…wow.

GG seems to be dying a slow, 'orrible death. The underlying issues haven’t gone away, but there’s a growing intolerance for the BS on most sites (growing does not by any standard mean that they’re absent, or even a minority, but still).


There was a thing where Adobe asked to have their logo removed from Gawker

Gawker also lost Mercedes Benz as an advertiser briefly (less than a day?)

I have trouble sometimes separating Ken’s satire from genuine real world crazy, and no way am I clicking on any links in that post while I’m at work to figure it out

Oh, sweet zombie jesus! Wait until you check it out!

At launch Reaxxian unveiled an early version of "Alphas of Gor"

and … and …

"Theodore Beale — Vox Day himself — is working on a newbie guide to selecting the best race during character creation"

So … much … stupid … in one place!


As MattBinder said on the twitter: “it is hard out there for the historical and geopolitical locus of power”.

Wait, Intel advertises It’s Chips? Since when?

In further WTF news, GamerGaters are embracing Jack Thompson into their campaign.

A guy who literally wants to take their games away.

Unbefuckinglievable! >.<