It's a tough life sometimes


If the gf is to be believed, the world is coming to an end, thanks to our flight out of Casablanca being delayed by an hour…


Please take notes for me: my daughter will be there next month. She’s doing a short research project on formal versus street/market language.


Well, I can solve that one right quick. Formal language is inneficient.

(Ask me about sgml, xml, HTML, xhtml, yaml, json, and a million others. There is a reason we use the json today)


the meee-eee-eeek shall inherit the earth?


Make the most of the time.


Tree goats!

There’s whole wall calendars dedicated to the subject!

A coworker’s dad bought her one, is how I know. We discussed the whole goats in trees thing for a while… Including the part where tree goats calendars make a terrible gift. 12 months of tree goats… It’s a little much.

I snuck back over and sharpied top hats, monocles, and bowties on the tree goats. It was a drastic improvement.

Thats my tree goat calendar hack. Hope it comes in handy!




One guess where I am now.


Don’t forget to look at the Vermeer!


Awesome! How long are you and the GF on this holiday jaunt? Should we start taking bets on where you folks are going next?


Missed out on Vermeer; only had a few hours to take on the whole Louvre :frowning:

Been on this holiday since the 20th, heading home on the 16th.

No prizes for guessing this location…


It’s been fun to follow along vicariously. We can argue about spoke count (or not) later. Looks like a damn awesome holiday.


I’ll post a bunch more pics after I get home and recover from the jet lag… Which is gonna be the worst, since I’m heading to just about the opposite side of the globe.

About to sit on a plane for 24 hours straight; not looking forward to it… :disappointed:


Well, that’s what you get for not taking us all on vacay with you! :wink:

Have a safe ride home! Can’t wait to see more from your trip!


So I was crook with a head cold for the flight home, which left me with an unpopped ear for two weeks… that totally sucked.

Anyway, as promised, here are some of the >5000 pics we took.


Including the Sagrada Familia, Casa Battlo, La Pedrera, a day trip to the Pyrenees via Vic, the Palau de la Musica, and then we hopped on the bullet train to Madrid.

Easter Sunday - Barcelona’s traffic was like a country town!


Holy shit are these well-chosen. There’s not an image among them that remotely resembles anything I’ve ever seen before! Man, you got to see some amazing stuff. Keep 'em coming!


Yeah, it was jam-packed.

Keep an eye on that post for a while; I’m still editing it and adding pics because it’s super clunky with all those in there.


Okay, that’s one lot of pics for now… Madrid to follow when I can be arsed.


I’m totally hetero, but can I be your boyfriend?


Why am I out of likes!!!

  1. great photos, dude!
  2. I freaking love Barcelona, and you’ve just reminded me why
  3. did you do all the research yourself to get into the buildings, or go on an official tour?