It's awesome to see all these "rogue" government agency Twitter accounts, but what about hoaxes?


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The FUD and confusion about what is real and what isn’t is the whole point of the larger exercise. Anyone interested in what’s going on should watch Adam Curtis’ documentary Hypernormalisation.


It’s time for a wikileaks-style science clearinghouse, but without the self-aggrandizing bullshitter. (That is Assange, not tanTrump)


I honestly don’t care about any hoax accounts; the confusion makes it harder to shut down any legit accounts.


Well we know for sure the official ones are hoaxes.


Oh man; we are so nested in “bunny-ears quote marks” it is hard to remember what level zero used to look like.


This concerns me because there is so much misdirection it’s going to be difficult to understand what is true, especially for those who are already factually challenged:


Trump, and his sort, thrive in chaos.


I think that if I assume that anything I read on the Internet about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is a partisan misrepresentation of fact, I’ll be right nearly all the time.


can we first deal with the ACTUAL nightmares happening right now, instead of wringing our hands over POSSIBLE ones?


You give him too much credit; the perfect storm of fuckery & happenstance gave him the election, but chaos will not be beneficial to his governance.

We’re seeing all this incompetence already, in just his first week, and that’s only what the admin is allowing the public to know.

Just imagine what’s actually going on behind closed doors.

Someone is going to fuck up badly, and he’s going to make a misstep that will get him impeached.


…they then watched their webserver logs for that page to see what IP address he visited from.

Am I the only person on this continent who’s heard of TOR? New rule: when you’re fucking with an oppressive government, it is best to cover your tracks.


@Medievalist and @Melizmatic Knock it off and stop replying to each other.


Does all this stem from Trump’s hurt feelings about the side-by-side inauguration photos?!

He’s just a big messy baby.


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