Public Citizen's Fox News ad shows Trump putting a fox in every henhouse

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Trump’s Backers: He doesn’t have to be very __________ ; he knows how to surround himself with __________ advisers.


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The “post-truth” era isn’t one where we’ve ceased to agree on what’s true: it’s one where we’ve ceased to agree on what makes something true.

–That’s a good way of putting it.


It’s a termitocracy: government by termites.

DeVos for Education, Perry for Energy, Pruitt for EPA, Puzder for Labor…


I think the add is confusing. You can either listen to trump and not read the headlines or vice-versa, makes it lose it’s meaning imho.


Weeeeeeeeeee! The end of the USA! Weeeeeeee!


I’ve seen Trump supporters try to rationalize this by saying that Cheeto Mussolini is picking people who are the most familiar with what’s wrong with the system and thus best able to fix things.
A) No, they’re just familiar with what’s wrong, not with the fixing part, and
B) Although there are those formerly of Goldman Sachs, etc. who have been critical of their former masters and argued for reform, these most definitely aren’t those people.
These two points seem blindingly obvious, but how the hell do we convey that to people who supported tRump in the hopes that he’d reform Washington?


That’s why he’s putting a child molester in charge of the child protective services. Who would know better?


People have been joking he’s going to put Ebola in charge of the CDC, etc. At this point, it’s not even really a joke, given that’s more or less what he’s doing across the board.
I sometimes wonder how much tRump is even aware of what’s going on, he’s so manipulated by lobbyists and donors. But although he’s dumb, he’s surely not that dumb that he doesn’t understand he’s destroying everything.


Help Us Run This Ad on Fox News to Expose Trump’s Corruption

The ad is way too confusing and nuanced to have any effect by running on Fox News. That would just be a waste of $$ — indeed, you’d be literally giving money to Fox News, for no benefit.


But that is exactly what he and Bannon want to do. Burn baby burn. You really don’t think it’s Trump’s ideas behind this shit do you?

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Some non exclusive possibilities come to mind - possibly he believes in that nonsense anyway, he’s owned by state creditors outside the country, they have the goods on some nasty things that would send him to prison via the hacking or just for ages anyway - and he’s getting yuge emoluments in a discrete fashion. Maybe he plans to visit the Cook Islands?


I was looking forward to the ad being a hard hit on Trump using his own words against him, but instead, his words are simple and clear, and the only words spoken. Then there is the confusing array of counter headlines and pull quotes, all given different text treatments, and all way too fast to read while trying to parse Trump at the same time. Good source material. Badly created ad.


Yes I agree. The intended message is not delivered.


The ad is terrible.

I remember my mother picked up my copy of “13th Gen: Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?” back in the early '90s and absolutely couldn’t follow its use of non-linear layout, inconsistent font-types and sizes. These are the people who need to be reached with this ad, but they will be flummoxed by the headlines popping up randomly on the screen only to be replaced a few seconds later.

As was pointed out by Cory, there is also too much text, especially for the low-information viewer that the GOP has been breeding successfully for the past couple of decades. I cannot agree with Cory that this was necessarily the result proper focus-group sessions. This feels more like an attempt at shock-and-awe by overwhelming the viewer with a preponderance of evidence that will just be filtered out by a demographic who already view anyone armed with too many facts as being arrogant.


Trump was elected by the same comfortable upper middle class that votes for anything – literally anything – with an “R” branded on it.

For these folks, Trump’s campaign promises were populist balderdash to excite the poor rubes. As far as his core supporters are concerned, his actions are the promise.

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