Axios 'Off the Rails' exposes the madness of Trump's insurrectionist advisors as the end approached

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I expect however bat shit crazy the administration looked from the outside, that it pales in comparison to what happened out of public view.


I have a hard time imagining of any of this seeming truly funny any time soon but holy hell is this administration going to provide a lot of fodder for future generations’ black comedies.


It’s real monkey house shit throwing, in 3D.


Iannucci is just in awe at this point: “Christ, I can’t compete with this.”


I had to look him up. Fascinating stuff!
(11) Armando Iannucci on Trump, Corbyn, cult of personalty and his new film The Death of Stalin - YouTube

He’s been round ages, involved in the Day Today and lots more so really on it. But the death of Stalin is fantastic. It’s a hoot from beginning to end. I mean it starts with Stalin stroking out in a pool of his own piss while his politburo all don’t want to be the one to go first and look for a doctor (all the good ones purged anyway) and ends with Marshall Zhukov going “what, have we not killed him yet?” and dispatching Beria summarily with no fuss or ceremony cos he needed gone.

I read the original Italian comic and thought it lacked distinct characterisation and good dialog. Armando took care of the second and a great cast of actors the first.
But back to the original point. Trump might be beyond him.

I look forward to seeing him try.


This could be a scene from inside the Fuhrer bunker in 1945.


Wow, that seems awfully detailed. Was there an actual recording of all that or did some stenographer keep complete minutes? Then who actually turned over all of this to the press?

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It’s going to be really hard to explain this shit show to future generations. I’ve had some practice with friends from other countries and they can barely grasp how much of this past 4 year debacle has been intentional by the administration.

On the best days. :wink:


I remember having a hard time understanding why anyone thought Trump was worthy of public attention or admiration in the 1980s, when he was just a shameless self-promoting real estate guy.




I recall some people being all a buzz about his show. It did not appeal to me and I found the people that mimicked him saying your fired to be extremely annoying. I’m not sure I was aware of Trump in the 80’s. I probably was aware of him vaguely as yet another rich asshole.


Same here. I was a kid in the 80s, but I read Mad magazine. Granted they took shots at everyone, but I could still tell there was truth to what they were saying (especially since I saw headlines in the news about him going bankrupt that backed up what I was reading in Mad).

I was shocked when the Apprentice hit the air and everyone was acting like he was the best business man ever.


I knew of him mainly from Spy magazine - short fingered vulgarian - they called his bullshit from the beginning


But Powell, fixing on Trump, continued to elaborate on a fantastical election narrative involving Venezuela, Iran, China and others. She named a county in Georgia where she claimed she could prove that Dominion had illegally flipped the vote.

Herschmann interrupted to point out that Trump had actually won the Georgia county in question: “So your theory is that Dominion intentionally flipped the votes so we could win that county?”

Lyons pointed out to Powell that their incompetence went beyond their lawsuits being thrown out for standing. “You somehow managed to misspell the word ‘District’ three different ways in your suits,” he said pointedly.

OMG, the level of idiocy really is Three-Stooges-level hilarity here, or would be if we weren’t talking about our own government.


Gerry Trudeau and Berkley Breathed have been savaging the Shiatgibbon in Doonesbury and Bloom County for decades.


This whole thing is so nuts. How did people like Powell get so delusional? The whole Trump administration has been “racist uncle who gets all his information from Facebook and Fox” turned up to 11, but this was a new low. They talk about Trump seeming to “believe” in the completely detached-from-reality narratives being presented, but that’s not right. He rejects narratives that harm his ego and latches on to those that soothe it, nothing more. How those other people actually came to believe this shit is what’s baffling.

And it’s really striking me that there must have been many, many points in the Trump administration where people were arguing for sanity as Trump went the other way, and the awful policies we got actually were the result of sanity winning out, and could have been so much worse. (Though in some cases, it could have been better, as the sane version was allowed to move forward when the insane version just would have been rejected by reality as un-implementable.)

Pretty much:


The whole series in Axios is worth a read.

Yeah, this has crazy tragicomic move written all over it. Only if somebody had done it as a movie in the 90s we would have found that it strained credibility.

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