It's hot as hell


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Activate “Power Ranger MODE!”.

On second thought activate wobbly square aspect mode…WTF.


It’s hot as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!

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Haha put the “oh lawd is a fire” video up next. This is some of the most racist stuff i’ve seen yet from BoingBoing, It’s just entertainment to you, blatant mockery.


Where’s the mockery?

I personally can relate to her suffering, and I’ll also appreciate forever her gift of the perfect metaphor – I really do feel liked I’m suddenly stuck in the devil’s ass crack.


What mockery?

Though really, she lost my support when she complained about BBQing everyday. Leave the BBQers alone!


You automatically assume Xeni posting a video of somebody speaking in highly metaphoric and mildly dialectic English /must/ be intended as mockery rather than, say, “I couldn’t have said it better myself”. Your prejudice is showing.


she is me during the summer months… on xanax. and summer months means february through october in central texas. every romantic relationship i have ever had was lost during june-august. i sweat at 73° f.

Really? How is this racist? All it was was a short summary and a link to a video that the maker INTENDED TO BE FUNNY. It’s not as if it wasn’t made to be funny. the “oh lawd is a fire” video – yes, that point I can see. That video wasn’t intentionally made TO BE FUNNY.

As someone who lives in Phoenix and grew up in like, the hottest place on earth (I tell people I moved to Phoenix to get away from the heat!), I can tell you right now, that I agree with this lady 100%.


Also … are you white?


Yeah. The assumption that sharing a video of this nature is racist is … well, ironically, it’s not Xeni being racist. O_o


Wow, is she Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter?
Seriously, though, fill a bathtub with cool water and sit in it with a wet towel over your head. It sounds like you’re on the verge of heatstroke.


Hey, if the “Dead Giveaway” video was racist, then so is this. Sassy Black Woman, Engage!


EDIT: Okay, not being totally serious, just in case people are wondering. It’s good to question these things, though.

mtdna: It still frustrates me that people saw that as mockery. I grew up in a poor, albiet white, area, and knew people who would have given similar interviews had they been in the same situation. They’re often not stupid in the least, just poorly educated. I saw a video of an imperfect guy who got a chance to be a hero and got 15 minutes of fame in the process. I thought the music video was well done.

Oh Gods, that is funny. I don’t think I’d want to be near her right now…

Call me when it breaches 110°F and you have to buckle your seatbelt without actually touching the hasp or the buckle to avoid third-degree burns…

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Yeah I only lived in NC, never anywhere crazy hot, and I once got exactly that kind of seatbelt burn. Can only imagine in hotter climes. Don’t miss seatbelt burns at all.

What the hell is going on with those black bars on the side? Those things were making me seasick.

Man, your life must be hard with all that indignation.


That devil remark is ignorant. Devil is an ex-angel, and I don’t remember having especially hot butts being described as a quality of those creatures.

Then again, the Sodom and Gomorrah incident…

I first thought that it was shot on a cell phone, since I’ve seen weird behavior in some videos shot on lower end phone cams. The video says it was created with Youtube Capture though, so it seems like it was shot on a laptop webcam, and there was some image stabilization involved.