Video for High on Fire's "The Black Plot" will melt your face off!


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Yeah. That’s pretty much how my first marriage went too.


will melt your face off!

Precisely what happened to my face.


Fucking awesome.


My face is melting right now!


I’m gonna sue these guys for stealing my notebooks from when I was 12.


She… she was only using him? I thought they really had something.



I love me some Heavy Metal animation. A perfect mixture of 7th grade notebook D&D fantasy doodles cooked with some Kirby and Ditko thrown in and then stirred with a black light acid trip. Though the speed metal esploded my brain.


they need to hit up Bally for a pinball machine tie-in with that artwork. metal as fuck, yo.


Dude got his chance for vengeance from the grave and she got her psychedelic trip power helmet.
Seems like a fair deal to me.


Should be required viewing for anyone visiting this site.



I really miss Metalocalypse.


Honestly I thought it might have been a new Mastodon video.


That face-melting feeling?
Pretty sure that’s just the cat piss taking effect.


That is very fucking Metal. It is better on youtube though, where the video actually plays properly.


Wizards are dicks.


Just saw a showing of Skinner posters (In black lighted frames) and the Psycho Las Vegas Festival. Also saw High On Fire while there (but, I hate to admit, their sound wasn’t very good this particular time. Too loud and thundery. It happens.)

Also saw Pike play with SLEEP the following night. Ridiculously good.

God, I’m still tingly from that weekend.


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:85212”]with the volume cranked up loud enough to rattle your neighbor’s windows.
[/quote]Yeah, don’t joke about that.


I almost expected the Loc Nar to make a cameo.

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