Ivanka Trump testifying today in daddy Donald's trial for lying about property values

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So she managed to find a babysitter after all?


IMO referring to Donald Trump as Ivanka Trump’s “daddy” only feeds into his persecution complex by defining her as a dependent child who should not be tainted by adult concerns. This also allows the QOP to link Hunter Biden to President Biden.
Ivanka Trump is 42 years old. She is a grown woman, someone who is accountable for her own actions.


Unlike her idiot brothers (who are effectively dependent children despite their age), she can also be assumed to be competent what she was doing in regard to her involvement in the family’s criminal organisation. In contrast to them, she’s using her own lawyers.

She’s not currently facing charges and has no intention of being put in that position, so she’ll be more prone to deliberately throwing her father under the bus with carefully crafted answers. My guess is still that she’ll do it indirectly by trying to shift the blame back to Cokehead and Fredo.


She escaped being a personal defendant in this lawsuit only because she had no direct involvement with the Trump Org after 2016, and the lawsuit was filed too late to cover any conduct before 2017. Junior and Eric were running the Trump Org after 2016, and while Larger Donald technically wasn’t running it any more, he was still the ultimate owner and was involved. So unless she perjures herself or admits to actual criminal conduct for which the statute of limitations hasn’t lapsed (unlikely, since she appears to actually listen to lawyers), there’s almost no risk of her “facing charges” by virtue of what she says. She has zero reason to throw her dad under the bus. She’ll just talk about how she had no involvement or direct knowledge/recollection of any of the matters at issue, and continue following the family script of trying to blame the controller, CFO, and outside accountants.

Also, if she actually WANTED to do something good for the world and throw her dad under the bus, she’s had a bajillion opportunities already. This isn’t going to be the moment where she suddenly wakes up and decides to be a good person.


Idk about this pic for sure but loweish quality phone type cameras distort this way. I think they scan slowly and use some AI to put the image back together or something. I’ve tried to take a selfie/profile pic for a work stuff and it kept coming out so uncanny and slightly misaligned, yet much smoother and whiter than I am in a mirror-- Like a photorealistic medieval portrait. The artist in me kind of found it intriguing but it really was noticable and distorting. I finally had to dig out my old neglected dslr. I suspect I wasn’t holding still enough.

It that’s indeed the problem it could definitely apply to a non professional photo (or screenshot?) like this. She’s used to cameras sure, but she’s also almost certainly not getting time to pose and they’re likely not using a great camera for video or whatever there.


She won’t do it because she’s a good person but because the prosecutor will be asking her about the criminal organisation’s on-going business practises, including the time when she did have direct involvement in it (otherwise why call her at all?). The state is trying to establish a pattern of behaviour on the part of the family, one which she presumably has knowledge of and complicity in even if she doesn’t face charges under this particular lawsuit.

Which means she’s going to have to be very careful in answering questions to avoid separate charges. That in turn means she has to try to pin the blame on someone else. The most prominent choice is her father, but she can’t do that directly for a variety of reasons. She might try to blame the accountants and lawyers or Weisselberg and plead ignorance of what was going on; however, she’s not as obviously stupid and incompetent as her brothers and can’t credibly play that. Her challenge will be to answer questions about the family’s business practises without perjuring herself but also without opening herself up to charges that bar her from doing business in NY.

I expect her line will be that, whatever she did or didn’t know, the two idiots were always responsible for signing off on those decisions on behalf of her dad and the family, even while she was involved in the org. It will be obvious BS, but it will turn things into a contest of betrayal between Donnie, Don Jr, and Eric while she walks away.


I expect just a bunch of “I don’t knows” and “I can’t remembers” and “wasn’t my responsibilitys” from her.


michael cohen idk GIF


Well, she managed not to have her photo taken by taking the stand right away.

She has a good publicist apparently.


Ivanka’s bigly concern here is how this could affect her inheritance.

  1. Don’t piss off daddy.
  2. Lower valuations mean lower taxes on her inheritance.

It’ll be interesting to see how she navigates those conflicting interests.




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