I've had this elephant humidifier for 10 years and it is still going strong


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I had the elephant one and the hippo one. I dropped each of them, and the bottom of the rhino broke, as well as the top of the elephant.

I put the unbroken parts together, and it all seemed to fit.

My freakish hybrid certainly works, but if you asked me whether it works better, or worse, or the same as before:

Hell if I know.



Oh I remember that guy! Good times.


Hopefully the penguin one isn't anaotmically accurate.


I do that after street tacos in TJ.


Leave elephants in their natural habitat and you won't have to humidify them.


I do like the "10 years" bit. For a while now I've been writing amazon reviews only for stuff I bought 5 years ago - do I still have it, how has it held up etc. It's been depressing how often I don't still own the thing either because it broke and went to landfill (blender sticks!) or because it became redundant (any iphone ever).. Certainly makes me evaluate my need to buy [gadget] more before buying it.


"You were so preoccupied with whether you could that you didn’t stop to think if you should." ~ Ian Malcolm, Humidifier Park


Oooo..ultrasonic humidifiers... Unless you're using distilled water in them, they pump out mineral dust which coats everything, included the insides of your lungs...

If you are using distilled water, that might be not so eco-friendly. If you're using a humififier in wintertime, then you should get a humidifier that works by heating the water - you'll be heating the house anyway, so the cost of the steam is free, essentially.


How often and easy is it to clean? We've used one (not the one pictured here) for two winters and it gets rank after a few months, and it's a PITA to clean.


Ah, so you've had an elephant in the room.

That's the trouble with these things; the maintenance is always such a hassle, even for the ones that don't require some disposable, proprietary filter every year at not-insignificant expense.


I've used this elephant ultrasonic humidifier for over 10 years (not every day) and it still works and still haven't noticed that it looks like a penis.


Where’d the rhino come from?! All I saw was an elephant and a hippo and a shaggy dog.


Yah, unfortunately ours crapped out after a month :frowning:


I came here to make basically the same joke, but I like your delivery better than what I had in mind.


We have one too, but switched to the (overpriced) Dyson humidifier because you can set a humidity level versus always putting water in the air. Over 55% is too high.


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