J.K. Rowling delivers fabulous smackdown to Westboro Baptist Church


I’ll need you to turn in your nerd badge before you go.


You’d better not put that on any t-shirts. You know what “happy” is a euphemism for, right?



I’m impressed with Rowling, especially her concise explanation of why she was responding. Good political thinking.


Welp. They think Jesus is, so…
(nope. not sorry. someone had to say it.)


Apart from Brian Blessed, who is recognisable from space.


Isn’t his voice the only thing you can hear in space?


I rather thought these asshats would slow down now that the center of this cult of personality is dead.

Their picket schedule is quite different from the past (and also broken), so it’s hard to tell if this is the case or not.


Also, they’re flecking works of fiction…so WBC would have to write a slash fanfic in order to protest the wedding…


Fuck yeah.


Good ol’ Brian :slight_smile:


AND ACROSS THE LINE! sorry, that pops out whenever I see Gambon


Hairy potter?


Wrong thread dude. You probably meant to post that in the one about Ca’s new “goggle law”…


Voice so magnificently loud it was heard in Rome, Crusades era England, the 80’s, Space…

BRIAN BLESSED’s voice breaks time-space.


[size=30]***EVERYONE CAN HEAR ME!***[/size]


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