J.K. Rowling tweets words of comfort to troubled fan



…says the multi-millionaire author. I suffer from depression and those pictures are utterly egregious to me. No false promises of travelling somewhere exotic are going to really do it. However, hopefully, for the person in question, the support from a famous person might have helped, hopefully it did.

What I see here is an actual person using their twitter (and not their publicist) to try to do a very kind and decent and human thing.


Like The Exotic Island of Animals that Hold Toy Animals in their Tiny Claws?

I think these were more examples of “there is wonderful things that can be seen that you have not seen yet, why not live and see what you can find” as opposed to “here are 3 awesome places that if you can’t visit you might as well give up living.”


I think the help comes from knowing someone gives a damn about you and not so much from the pictures.

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