Dreaming of wonderful days

@xeni as a very long time boingboing reader and supporter (i bought the hoodie!), i have to say, i don’t see any reason why Trump’s tweets should be posted here. We’ve known for a long time that he’s a bullshitter, and this post does nothing but stress out people that are already stressed the fuck out.

Let’s get back to the time where boingboing posted only weird and wonderful things. We have plenty of other places to go to get outraged.


Boingboing is a news blog as well as a “wonderful things” blog. You’ll note the tagline change to “mostly wonderful” things. The Authors post what interests them, and that currently includes non-wonderful news.

The thing is, it’s not a “format change” - the Authors have always posted what they want - what you are asking for - for a blog where only a loose definition of “wonderful things” are posted - would actually be a change from how it’s always been.

Might I recommend the Good News Network if you’d like to not read about bad things?

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