Jack Hunt's 'The Renegades' is the 'Red Dawn' of zombie novels

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Any cold-war paranoia?

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more the band of plucky hs kids surviving on bad jokes and drama.

Have you seen Toy Soldiers?

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That’s what keeps all teens alive.


Even in ‘non-zombie apocalypse’ times.

Speaking of which, can I just set this down right here?

Crums, I thought this was going to be about the ‘Red Dwarf’ of zombie novels.

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Jack Hunt’s ‘The Renegades’ is the ‘Red Dawn’ of zombie novels

So, it’s a comedy, except that jingoistic mouth-breathers think it’s absolutely serious?

Right-wing wet dream but with zombies?

You know, I’m gonna go ahead and say that Red Dawn wasn’t actually that bad. It makes an effort to set up an alternate future where the Soviets kicking off WWIII by invading the US is…at least somewhat more plausible than it would have been in baseline 1984. The kids are portrayed as fairly realistic hardscrabble guerillas, using their rural-born skills, local terrain knowledge, and the goodwill of the local civilians to (just barely) stay one step ahead of the much better-equipped occupying force–who themselves are portrayed as human beings with families back home, not faceless stormtroopers.

And the movie ends with most of them dead and no end of the war in sight. It’s not really the rah-rah power fantasy it’s portrayed as.

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