An interactive map of when the zombie apocalypse will claim your city


I’m glad to know that the US/Canada border is strong enough to keep them confined to the south side.


Does it include things like how bears, crows, and other wildlife will decimate the zombie hordes? Or is this a scenario where the zombie virus kills all the wildlife, too?


everyone else will have to be content with watching America be slowly consumed by the walking dead

***An***da One-a, Two-a, Three-a -

“Well I guess we’ll just have to grin and bear it.”

(Badum-tish left as an exercise for the student).

So what kind of zombies are these? Clearly not Romero zombies, because they would appear in all locations simultaneously - all recently dead turn into zombies under Romero’s rules. Seems like these are “28 Days Later” fast zombies, if they’re doing an 11-minute mile, though. They also seem to be assuming a “28 Days” instantaneous infection, which means zombies can only travel at walking speed (no one can get bit and then get on transport before zombying out). Not sure what the “kill to bite ratio” is - I assume the number of zombies killed versus the number of people infected. That seems a bit too low for “28 Days” style frenzied attacks, but might be about right if the zombies were alive. So “28 Days Later” zombies it is, then, I suppose.

In World War Z (the book anyway, I haven’t seen the movie) the zombies’ flesh is toxic to animals. Their overall lack of decomposition and ability to “survive” without food, air or water still defy the laws of nature and thermodynamics but that’s pretty much par for the course with zombies.

So you’re the person that whole series of ‘zombie vs. coyotes/buzzards/beetles’ posts was made for a while ago. I though it was a funny non-banana prank.

FYI: As of right now, getting a 404 error when I try to go to the article…

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Nope, but my response was based on seeing that series of posts here (I ws just too lazy to look them up)

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Oh. I though at least one person must have been enjoying those. Not ironically, either.

And this is why I have zero fear of slow zombies. I dropped Patient Zero in Miami–a likely enough landing spot considering a South American origin for the virus. It took nearly 300 hours for the infected to completely take over Florida, which is 10x the amount of time necessary for the U. S. National Guard, general military forces stationed at nearby bases, and law enforcement officers to be able to quarantine Miami, or the county, or even the entire state. Of course, that’s only assuming plague vectors are on foot, and I went with the default alpha and sigma settings, which seemed reasonable enough (i.e., they fit the way zombies act in The Walking Dead).

Meh. I even rejiggered it for fast zombies–mindless, running, antlike hordes from the film World War Z, and it still took over one hundred hours for the infection to just escape Miami-Dade County: still enough time to mobilize sufficient manpower to isolate the county well enough to contain it.

Dawn of the dud. :frowning:

The link above says /03/16/ oops.


You’re assuming that security forces would be alerted shortly after people started getting infected in Miami, but remember, this is Florida we’re talking about, who’s going to notice?
Still, Bugs has the solution:

Phuzz, you are my hero.

Shush! Don’t tell the zombies we’re up here! shhhh!

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