Zombie apocalypse survival likelihood calculator


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You can search for US locations, but it doesn’t work well since it doesn’t include gun stores into the calculator.


It claims that Norwich doesn’t have enough resources. Nonsense! I’d make friends with Stuart Ashen and would improvise zombie-killing devices from his vast collection of Poundland tat.


…or small uninhabited (but habitable) Pacific islands.


Canada does not exist. Like many doomsdays scenario movies, we just don’t exist.
This leads me to believe that we are on the side of the aliens attacking the white house, we created patient zero, and we most certainly aided the oppressors in Red Dawn (how else would they get to the mid west?!)


The CN tower is how we signal the UFOs.


(Remember the space ride simulator at the base of the CN Tower in the 80s? - hint - it wasn’t a simulation!!!)


You just want to burn The White House down again don’t you?


Well maybe you’ll remember why the White House is white if we do it again!!

Also, this is the best comic of all time:


Limited public services as the driving criteria? Are we assuming public services are still going to work during the Zombie plague? I picked Ardbeg, Islay, Scotland because (a) it’s remote and (b) there’s plenty of scotch and © it’s rather remote – and I got 1 day.


My wife gave up all hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse when xxxxx on TWD died two weeks ago.


Actually, in World War Z (the book, not the movie), places like Canada were ideal, because you got zombie freeze in the winters!


UK only? Shaun’s flat it is then. 60 days.

Whoever comes up with the cleverest “28 days later” address wins a red Cornetto.


Apparently the zombie apocalypse won’t reach Australia as the calculator doesn’t recognize Australian cities. I win.


What @Mindysan33 said. You guy’s would be fiiiiiiiiine. First freeze of winter, the corpses would be lovely carrion delivery for the crows and ravens and buzzards, and coyotes, and bears, and wolves, and whatever dogs got out, and whatever cats got out, and rats, and… Lots of stuff.

Before the end of the winter there would be nothing left of them.


It’s cute when people in the UK consider somewhere over there remote. As if the whole UK doesn’t fit inside Oregon.



168 days.


Day 147. Canned beans again, and even those are running low. I welcome death.


What? Fish don’t turn into zombies do they?


Ran out of hooks and line months ago.