Jack in the Box employee fired for mocking deaf customer

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There’s always another side to the story…


Drive-through lane employees can get bizarrely insistent on you following the “rules” and chief among those is “the order must be placed through the speakerbox.”

I was once turned away from a Burger King drive-through because my motorcycle wouldn’t trigger their speakerbox sensor. When I eventually pulled forward, assuming they’d apologize for the glitch and take my order face-to-face, I was basically given a bureaucratic shrug and told “tough luck.” There was one way of doing things, and they either could not be bothered to or were not empowered to be flexible.

I wonder if the rise of remote order-taking, where the person monitoring the speakerbox isn’t even physically in the restaurant, has anything to do with this inflexibility.


Good for her!


Let me preface this by saying I am NOT condoning a single damn thing that dill-hole said or did…

Did she stop at the ordering speaker and say, “I am deaf so I have to pull around to order face to face” ? Cause that guy seemed awfully triggered on the idea that he tried to ask her to order multiple times through the speaker and she ignored him. Again, doesn’t excuse him in the slightest, but it might have gone a long way to letting him know what was happening instead of getting ticked at a customer that wouldn’t “cooperate”.

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Did she stop at the ordering speaker and say, “I am deaf so I have to pull around to order face to face” ?

Um… did you really think this one all the way out?



Yes. She’s deaf, not mute. She can speak into the speaker. And at most places, the order taking person can hear everything at all times.

And if she was sitting there long enough for him to tell her to order multiple times, as he said, she didn’t just roll passed. She was in line and forced to sit there anyways.

Again, he’s a dill-hole. Glad he lost his job, really. I was just wondering if she did call out to the speaker box and if not, why not.

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I think i’m ok with not watching someone act despicable toward someone that’s hearing impaired/deaf and i’ll trust the description of the events. I presume she’s been able to order at the window plenty of times but i can see how there’s room for things to go in the wrong direction, maybe there could be a “press button for additional assistance at the window” type of thing for people who might have trouble communicating at a speaker box. Be it someone that’s disabled, has language barriers, etc.

Personally i kind of prefer going into the actual location and ordering face to face, sometimes i will go through the drive thru but i like being able to talk to someone… which is weird considering how antisocial i am, i just feel like there’s less room for mistakes to happen.


This is the sort of conflict that many original Star Trek episodes was based upon. In this case, you have an ESL cashier that is trying to follow a script that he is required to stick to, and a deaf (and tired of being hassled) customer. What could go wrong?

All first contact protocol questions should be handled by the management team.

When the stakes are higher, we do considerably worse:


She had no way of knowing if anyone was even listening to the intercom at the time, or if she would be speaking over someone. So instead of yelling into the void she pulled up to the window where she could be assured she was actually communicating with another human being.


Strong runner up for the asshole of the week award.

  1. Because the drive-thru is the only way to get food from Jack-in-the-Box at 4am.
  2. Even if the restaurant was open, she shouldn’t HAVE to order that way when it’s perfectly possible to speak to the person taking the order through the drive-up window.

She was hungry, maybe? Why she her being deaf impede living a normal life, where sometimes, you want to get Jack in the Box at 4am? Or is that only for those of us who can hear?


Why do you ask?


Because she wanted to buy food, is my guess.




(claims not to be an apologist for the asshole drive-thru worker)

(writes exactly what such an apologist would write, pretty much blaming the customer)

Yeah…that’s not how this works.


This is something Trump would do. Rudeness and kindness have been inversely affected on a massive scale.

I have so many questions.

How much is(was) that JitB employee paid? Is a working knowledge of the ADA a requirement of employment there? (And why the fuck not?)

Are deaf people allowed drivers licenses in California? It seems like it fron the video, but it this case, I am as surprised as that cashier would have been. (Its not clear that the cashier understood there was a language barrier at all)

As she waited for two unfruitful hours, where was a manager?

In Portland, OR drive thru restaurants must also serve bicyclists and pedestrians after closing their dining room. Is that the law where she was? If discriminating against deaf people isnt allowed, why is discriminating against people without cars?

No one should have to go without fast food at four in the morning, but man, this sure is a klunky way to go about it