Jack-in-the-Box worker shoots at customer through drive-through window after curly fry argument (video)

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First that idiot in Miami shooting out his own car windows, then this stable genius. Why are these dangerous idiots getting such light sentences?!


Trials are expensive. That’s why an overwhelming percentage of criminal charges end up being resolved by plea bargaining. So prosecution offers a slightly lighter sentence and/or charge than they could probably get going to trial in return for a guilty plea. It should be noted, however, that this also often results in innocent people pleading guilty just so they can be done with the case. Especially when you factor in cash bail and overcrowded jails, a lot of times people are offered plea deals that will let them go home as soon as they sign, because they’ve already spent months in jail awaiting trial. In other words, yes, in this case, it looks like a light sentence, but overall, our system is fucked and overwhelmingly overcharges and overpunishes poor people and and POC.

Here’s a wild idea. Maybe we should make it a little fucking harder for people to get guns.


I don’t think I asked for lead with my order!

Sabotage Ducking GIF by Beastie Boys


She SHOT at a customer and his family from a drive-thru window. Jack-in-the-Box should have been suing her.

“Worker shoots at customer during fries argument” has to be the most American thing I’ve seen on the Internet this week.
Maybe longer.


And here I thought that the jack-in-the-box effect only threw turrets…

Ok. But the question I was responding to concerned criminal charges. That has nothing to do with civil lawsuits. So what’s your point?


I’ve become overly inured to America, because my first reaction to this was “meh, not my part of Houston.” That might be a bad sign


“Do you want fries with that? I said,” cocks gun “do you want fries with that?!”


“Hey! You forgot these bullets!”

BTW. This made me laugh like a hyena: In a statement, Ramos’s attorney Randall Kallinen said, “Jack-in-the-Box needs to do a background check on employees so as not to expose their customers to someone who would attempt to kill them.”



The state government isn’t far away from making it compulsory for all residents to open carry.


“Shoot first! Shoot Frequently! Aiming is optional!”

Fast Food Slogans of the USA

McDonalds: I’m lovin’ it.

Burger King: Have it your way

Jack in the Box: Eat lead! Eat lead, motherf**ker!


Do you even read whole threads, bro?


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