Jack Teixeira classified documents leaker argues he should be let out of jail because Trump is

Donald Trump and that prosecutors did not opposed Trump’s release.

In May, a Massachusetts judge ruled that 21-year-old Jack Teixeira would be held in jail while he awaits trial for charges under the Espionage Act after prosecutors argued he callously mishandled highly sensitive national security information during his short tenure in the National Guard. The magistrate judge, David Hennessy, said that Teixeira posed a continued threat to national security Teixeira’s lawyers argued in a new filing on Monday that the judge should reverse his decision to keep Teixeira detained, pointing to several other criminal defendants who were released while awaiting trial, including Trump and his co-defendant Walt Nauta.

They’ve got a point, trump ought to be in jail as he’s just as much or more implicated and has much more recourse to flight (complete with his name on the jet). but then… “equal justice under the law” and all [mirthless laughter]


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