Jack White's tricked-out "Ultra LP"


So, in order to get the uncompressed version, you must buy and actually play the record, as the CD version contains “standard digital compression” (and while the record does come with an MP3, it’s been similarly molested.)

All I know is that I cannot wait to listen to this record on my Pono Player.

Don’t conflate audio compression with audio data compression (perhaps you aren’t)

I like dynamic range.

And all of the tracks will be on an Ultra Torrent shortly after its release.

Seems like a gimmick to me, just because you don’t use compression, it doesn’t mean you instantly get better dynamic range.
Loudness wars notwithstanding, it really comes down to material, recording techniques and mix choices.

I’ll buy it. I’d buy a Jack White solo LP anyway, but in this case I’ll buy the tricked out vinyl version as I’m really looking forward to seeing the hologram. Unlike almost any other time a musician says “hologram” this really is one, and the artist Tristan Duke has found some way of hand-scribing an abrasion hologram on the master of a vinyl record so it’s reproduced on all the copies.

A lot of the video banter - no compression - no clipping - nothing to complain about ever again - is Ben Blackwell addressing people in the Jack White fanclub called The Vault who have been shall I say quite vocal about previous offerings. I’m glad he’s managed to keep some sense of humor about it.

Wow, that seems like a really impressive feat, generating that hologram without the aid of a computer…

Makes me feel like all this stuff should’ve already happened in vinyl’s heyday, if not in response to the advent of CDs…

Double-grooving made side 2 of The Monty Python Matching Tie and Handkerchief (1973) a coin-flip as to which material you’d get. They did not, however, converge.

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