Lovely tour of Jack White's Detroit vinyl record plant

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Is it bad that a constantly confuse Jack White and Johnny Depp?


It’s kind of understandable.


A friend of mine played me some old vinyl he had bought overseas for a song (pun intended).

The clarity of hearing a non-compressed analog output again with ambient studio noise (like string scrapes, slight reverb from echoes of a physical studio environment, etc.) … was …

… amazing.

I can’t believe how much I had forgotten about living, breathing music. Everything nowadays is filtered into pure tones and interpolated sound that has the quality of a shrink-wrapped apple.

It was like the difference between artificial sweeteners and natural sugars in your coffee. Analog decay is a lot different than digital rot. I think analog fails more gracefully.


That clip from Prairie Home Companion needs to be seen in it’s entirety. Unusual harmonies - something about it is just wrong enough to right. I find it very moving. My neighbor grew up in the same neighborhood as Jack’s family, she said Jack White is a seventh son of a seventh son. Something special is going on there, all part of the renaissance of Detroit.

City Lights:

Maybe now some of us can get our own records pressed at URP in a more timely manner, instead of waiting in line behind the latest Third Man releases.


You are talking about production techniques not playback media. I assure you that the “warmth” and extra sounds you heard have nothing to do with analog vs digital.

Or so I know from a few decades of working with recording and playback media.

I :heart: URP big time and was lucky enough to have done the factory tour there years back.

Having trained in an all analog recording studio in the 80s and having seen the move to digital recording (or analog recording & digital mastering, and variants) and having produced plenty of vinyl and CDs myself this just came off as kinda silly. A few generations ago there was probably people moaning about the move to multi track recording but still, silly.


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