Jackie Chan wants you to have a great day


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It is stupid how good this makes me feel about myself.


I haven’t done my best today, so I feel like Jackie Chan is disappointed in me.


I need a chaser of this.


“Two dragons, one house”

Get’em Jackie Chan!



We are all “shia labeouf”…


Strongly reminds me of:


You too, Mr Chan!


I don’t know what a chaser is, but suddenly I want to kick ass and have a nice day.


Be happy. Enjoy.


I hesitate to compare my best with Jackie Chan’s best.


What a really nice guy.


And yet somehow it’s going more like this today:


There’s more day to come – you still have time to do your best!


Don’t overestimate what might be your best.


I just ate the hell out of a Pop Tart. #CrushingIt


I have indeed had a great day. This just affirms it :slight_smile:


Have a great day! (Unless you take drugs, in which case I am the poster boy for you receiving the death penalty, so have a very bad day you!)

Death by Jackie Chan would almost be worth it though.


Jackie Chan also wants people who use politically incorrect drugs to be executed, and was in the news recently as an anti-drug spokesperson for Singapore. So, no, he doesn’t want me to have a great day.

And Bruce Lee was better.