Oh. So Jackie Chan is an asshole

Bummer. Just lost my vote. Threw his two year old across a room. Goodbye, Jackie. May you rot. The apology is hollow.


Decades later in 1999, long after he had married his wife, Taiwan actress Joan Lin, news broke that Chan had fathered a child, Etta, during an affair with former beauty queen Elaine Ng…

Chan’s autobiography was released just over a week after Chan’s daughter Etta Ng revealed she had married her girlfriend, Canadian social media influencer Andi Autumn.

In May, Ng claimed she had been left homeless and was forced to sleep under a bridge due to her “homophobic parents.” Chan didn’t respond to the allegations and his daughter isn’t mentioned in the book.

Disowning your illegitimate child for being lesbian is also scumbaggery. What a lowlife. And while it’s not relevant to his dreadful character, his movies aren’t very funny.


Yep, sadly seems he’s an un-funny dick.

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Totally agree with all the posts so far, but I will also point out that the torture children are put through in the Chinese Opera training that he received is pretty much guaranteed to turn out twisted, angry adults.


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