Jacksonville police pension fund blows $1.8M worth of tax-dollars fighting open records requests


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I hope that the retired policemen personally sue whoever decided to fight the court cases.

Is something in the US Constitution that says that public servants are not allowed to apologize?

Or to pull out their eyes?


Amendment 1.5: Refusing an excuse is a form of weaponized free speech : )


Nope, but it’s fairly understood. Exhibit A: The candidates for POTUS.

Besides, whenever anyone objects to lavish, unsustainable pension blowouts/spiking/etc, they just moan and wail about how we want to rip off our selfless, underpaid public servants.


Wait, who moans and wails? The pronoun antecedent seems to be the people who are objecting. But even untangling the grammar I have no idea what you’re talking about, not having been part of the moaning and wailing.

In other news, does nobody understand that when you spend a million dollars to keep your secrets, it really looks like your secrets must be horrible? Even though, I’m willing to bet those meetings were utterly boring, and opening the records as the law requires wouldn’t have inconvenienced anybody. It’s all about power and control - the opposite of transparency.


I hope I’ll live to see police departments acting like loyal civil servants, and serving the public interest.


Well, you could just pay attention to the news, since it’s a real, ongoing issue in almost every state…


OR you could spend your time being a nitpicky grammarian, picking apart casual comments on an ephemeral medium of discussion. Lord knows there’s none of those out there.


I don’t think you know what “unsustainable” means… This story is a direct example of the how pensions get cut and those gaps form.


Meanwhile, they want to raise the sales tax .5% (7.5% total) to “fix” the pension problem that they are having. Which most likely isn’t enough to actually fix anything. The problem is, it’s the can that has been kicked down the road so long, there probably really isn’t a real solution. Just because the powers that were were able to kick the can, doesn’t mean it was the right thing to do.


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