Jamaican earbuds, music for ADHD, and a hammer-proof iPhone screen protector


I work in cell phone retail and these protectors are truly awesome! They are easy to install, and we have frequently seen customers come into our store with the protector destroyed, but the phone itself was just fine. If you register with Bodyguardz when you buy the iPhone protector, then you will get $13 replacements from the company.

Everytime I come across an embedded SoundCloud link, it is super loud and I have to open my system volume to turn the volume down. Is there a volume slider somewhere that I’m just not seeing? It’s bafflinfuriating.

Oh, no! I went to RSVP for that awesome DIY workshop, and it’s 404. The workshop link is malformed, so it isn’t going to get me to project nirvana. :frowning:

Please help!

What exactly is Whocalld? From the article I assumed it was a way to find out what that unidentified number in your call history was without having to pay for it like all those sketchy services, which is awesome. But the actual site says literally nothing, not one word, about what it is. There’s the name; a phone number entry field; a random, enthusastic, uninformative user endorsement; and then…um…a bunch of recordings of one side of a random phone conversation. The recordings are completely unlabeled but do helpfully display foggy widescreen audio wave forms. They have play buttons but no stop buttons.

So…that’s really creepy. What is this thing?

I think screen protectors are silly. You can’t easily scratch a phone screen. I can’t believe the amount of people who use screen protectors which are covered in scratches to “protect their phone”. So you don’t want your phone to be scratched, but you are willing to use it thru a crappy scratched plastic film for 2 years? It makes no sense. I defy anyone to cause a visible scratch with keys or coins on their current generation phone. It’s impossible.

Cases are actually are useful when you drop your phone because they absorb the shock


The case on the next iPhone is rumored to be made entirely of sapphire glass, which is said to be absolutely unbreakable. You can still put a silly film over it I am sure.

The only selling point for me is getting a protector with a matte finish to cut down on reflections. I’ve shattered a few screens but never managed to scratch one.

My albums for A.D.D. focus-work can be random. What I’ve found is; any full albums that I love to listen, start to finish, I can focus on work. Being an old band nerd, my genre is as random as my ADD (as i sit and type in boingboing forum while working in cube-land)

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