Jame Bond-inspired laser wristwatch, complete with danger




the odds of burning yourself accidentally would constantly terrifly me while that thing is fastened to my wrist



(I will never, ever not even once have to put up with any more shit from any fucking balloons ever again!)


There should be two buttons in series to work as an interlock against accidental triggering. A glove with a metal foil strip would also be helpful.

External switch would be nice too, attached to a palm. This, together with the laser, could be integrated into a glove; no wristwatch factor but better for one-handed use. (Three buttons perhaps needed here; the middle one must be NOT pressed to activate, to safeguard against accidental triggering by grasping something.) It would also allow use of those large flat higher-capacity batteries.

The fake carbon-fiber composite top feels tacky to me. A machined brass or at least aluminium would be better, if only for doubling as a heatsink. The clock display would be better in red, in order to not kill scotopic vision when in darkness.


Why the bloody flipping hell would you design a “laser watch” to shoot the beam over your fingers?

Even in the movies they usually got it right with the beam usually oriented perpendicular to the line from hand to elbow.


They say that experienced high power laser users are very protective of their eye.


Because comic books.


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