James Franco in 'The Disaster Artist' (2017) vs Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room' (2003)

In some cases (Randall, Banky) I think that’s the point! Of course he usually puts the whole point of the film in Silent Bob’s mouth, so take that as you will.

Have you seen Red State - it’s quite good (and Dan Goodman is in it!). I still haven’t seen Tusk (which is the prequel to Yoga Hosers and is a more serious horror film like Red State).

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Yup, and now that I think about it, Holden too. His central male characters are often the ones that drive me nuts. Silent Bob’s spare words of are the highlight of the film, the catharsis for sitting through the shenanigans of the characters for whom he’s laying down the truth. Again, they’re not bad movies. They’re just not relaxing.

Admittedly, I had avoided it because I generally avoid horror films and really have to be in the mood for such a dark political satire (though these days reality has satire beat). I do love Dan Goodman though. I’ve been watching a lot of old mid-century movies I never got around to, but I think Red State will be my next Kevin Smith movie.

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I actually kinda liked Spring Breakers. Not necessarily for Franco, but for the Natural Born Killers sort of thing that it seems like they were going for. Franco was actually somewhat annoying in that movie.


And now I can say, “I heard Wiseau is actually a golem…” Thanks!


Franco was horrible in that movie, but he had so much fun with it.

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hey, its a shitty movie, but great at the same time… got a pink masked girls gang dancing to a piano britney song, I saw it like a Trainspotting for this generation girls

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I think the full trailer does more justice to Franco’s performance than just the comparison of the final take allows.

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The only two of James Franco’s performances that I enjoyed - and I enjoyed them immensely - were Pinapple Express and his first interview with Terry Gross.

He’s still not quiiite selling it for me. He still sounds like someone trying to do an impression rather than sounding more natural. However in context of a scene it’s not as bad. Still on the fence if i want to see this but i guess we’ll see how it turns out.

Pineapple Express was great because he’s pretty much playing a very exaggerated version of himself, and the character was very lovable. I thought his performance in Freaks & Geeks was great too, again he’s also playing himself but a more cocky/douchey version.

I’ve heard good things about 127hrs but never seen it. Sounds like a stressful movie to watch :stuck_out_tongue:

This is bullshit I did not watch it I did not

He is apparently somewhat difficult to work with. His public persona isn’t an act.

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