Watch Iggy Pop and Tom Waits acting weird, as directed by Jim Jarmusch


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“Music & Medicine, living in that place where they overlap”

Tom Waits

That there is some mighty fine stuff for my monday morning!


That was a fun film. Think I remember Jack and Meg White having a scene.


exactly what I needed (without knowing it) this morning over my second cup. gonna pour that third right now…
:coffee: :beers:


So many good ones. Spike Lee, the wiseguys…


I don’t think they are “acting”.


[quote=“pesco, post:1, topic:82087”]Tom was exhausted. We had just shot a video the day before for “I Don’t Wanna Grow Up” and he had been doing a lot of press.[/quote]Tom Waits did commercials for Toys R Us?


The scene with GZA, RZA, and Bill Murray is my favorite.


They need a director to act weird?


i always took it as they weren’t really acting – just being themselves and running with a bit. but anyway, i love this. some day i’ll need to see the whole movie.


there’s a Ramones cover-version, too

ETA oh, the stage is under the same location as Coffee and Cigarettes, revealed at the end.

Also, the '93 short in the OP is not the film-length Coffee and Cigs that Jarmusch expanded on in the 2000s.


This is part of this longer movie, or at least an earlier version of it:

Great, oddball film. Pairs (usually) of actors interacting over coffee and cigs. I managed to find a copy of the DVD at Goodwill.


Iggy was really creepy in “Dead Man”. I loved it.


Yeah, I remember sitting through that in a movie theater. Not a pleasant experience. While I liked Stranger Than Paradise, Mystery Train, and Night On Earth, this was just self-indulgent crap.


Sure they are. There are lots of different kinds of “acting.” They’re doing one of them.


I watched it at home and quite enjoyed it. Went back and re-watched the ones I especially enjoyed, e.g. the Mike Molina / Steve Coogan one. I also go see the shorts collections for film festivals, so maybe I’m predisposed to like something like this.


Wasn’t he wearing a dress?


He played “Sally”


I have cooked, I have cleaned…