Tommy Wiseau as The Joker


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Blimey, that is scarier than anything Heath Ledger committed to film, and not in a good way. Mr Wiseau really is something very special, and odd, very, very odd.


I still need to see The Room. The question is, for an initial viewing: With Rifftrax, or without?


He’s aging gracefully.


Aging? According to Tommy he is still 24!


It’s so painful to watch, that guy is some kind of genius.

(busting everyone balls again with that : in French we have a word for so-bad-it’s-good-movies, it’s “nanar” you can use it, it’s free)


Shamelessly stolen from a Youtube comment:

Wiseau serious?


Without, although many of the theater viewings now are RHPS-like with lots of yelling and throwing of stuff. But still pretty entertaining.


If you’re into riffing of your own accord, there is absolutely no need. Your head should have no lack of riffage as you view this…thing.


“jin-gle BELL… BATMAN SMELL!!!” Fucking brilliant!


while i haven’t seen the rifftax version I know their work, i would say rifftrax if your watching it alone, maybe original if in a viewing party…the movie is PAINFUL…oh and alcohol, like…all of it

ps. looking good Tommy


I didn’t know i needed that but it turns out i needed that.


Perfect! Thank you for braving the YouTube comments to bring back the diamond in shit mountain. Your service is appreciated.


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