James Franco in 'The Disaster Artist' (2017) vs Tommy Wiseau in 'The Room' (2003)


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Can I dislike them both?


That was… painful to watch. The James Franco version i mean. The imitation of Wiseau’s performance is forced and a bit over the top.
The Room is bad, but at least it’s a fascinating and amusing train wreck… i’m now not sure if i could stand watching The Disaster Artist.


Wiseau is truly inimitable.


I don’t get why they just couldn’t get Tommy to play himself either, the man doesn’t get older!


Its apparent that Franco really is trying to nail it. He’s got the voice, the inflection, some mannerisms down, but it just doesn’t seem natural coming from him. He needs a way to pull it off without thinking about it. But you know, this is James Franco we’re talking about so…

Go figure that a movie about a trainwreck ends up being a trainwreck itself.


I think the problem is that Tommy’s face looks like it has patches of flesh-colored clay just thrown on at random places. He’s a very lumpy man in general (as anyone who’s made it to the sex scene can attest.)

I’m actually surprised that nobody’s put forward the idea that he’s a golem actually, seems just as likely as him being DB Cooper.


When this trailer popped up on social media yesterday, I wasn’t completely convinced that the movie it is based on was real, and that this whole thing isn’t some kind of elaborate hoax. I’m still not convinced.


Franco is relatively serviceable in appearance, i don’t think he looks off. Though Wiseau does have a very… interesting… face lol.


For another movie that looks like it should be a hoax, I suggest the other James Franco masterpiece: Spring Breakers. That movie’s a GREAT time if you love really, really shit movies.


So you’re saying . . . “it’s bullshit”?


Agreed. If you want to see another one that is just as bad, and with the powerful Michael Shannon in the lead, check out Salt And Fire, written and directed by the great Werner Herzog. I was scrolling through Netflix last night and started watching and couldn’t stop, despite the terrible writing and performances. Spectacularly bad.


Oh hi Mark.


Or we can just all go re-watch Ed Wood, if only for the scenes with the fantastic Martin Landau as Bela Luigosi.


Wiseau is a rarity – he makes bad acting look easy and unforced.


And to remember those days when Johnny Depp was marginally watchable.


He was the WORST thing about Yoga Hosers. He was terrible and cringe-worthy all through that film. And it was a movie where his and the director’s daughter starred!


Good to know. I enjoy some of Kevin Smith’s films in that I love to hate them. They’re so badly written and tone deaf that I go to them if I want to yell at the screen for 90 minutes.


I have to admit an incredibly soft spot for his movies, honestly.


They’re fun. The characters just infuriate me. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not necessarily a bug.