James Horner, 1953-2015

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Damn, he ate it in a Embraer EMB 312 Tucano, a civilian purchase Brazilian trainer/attack plane; think WW-II fighter shape and handling but designed with a powerful turboprop engine rather than pistons.
Cancer, heart disease, and AIDS are shit, if one has gotta go why not go out in style?


If it was a Tucano, why are they saying ‘single-seat’?

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Why didn’t he stay in his corner eating his Christmas pie?


My money is on one of those stow-away terror cats being the cause.


Can’t say the Avatar soundtrack did much for me; in fact, I recall finding it kind of grating. And Titanic also seemed a little bit too much like what had already been done.

Now, Sneakers…

You’re thinking of that paleontologist who keeps promising to make a chickenosaurus.

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Sneakers is one of my all time faves. Props for being such a “non-traditional” film score. To me it became a character itself in the film.

Of everyone posting about this I have yet to see anyone mention his early 80s tour de force of Star Trek II and III (they really compliment each other)

Star Trek II was so good that due to time constraints Horner had under Cameron, Aliens got much of TWOK in it.

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Our soundscape will be the poorer for his absence.

RIP Mr. Horner

Not a good week in music. Ornette Coleman and Gunther Schuller both shuffled this mortal coil in the last 7 days. RIP them as well.

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Will he turn it into a pie?

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