January in California


What you see is not normal, however, and is the result of the Ridiculously Resilient Ridge, a high-pressure system that has been sitting over the Eastern Pacific and diverting the rainfall all Californians depend on. It has created a highly dangerous situation in both Northern and Southern California.


It’s true, we’re likely to burn to the ground before we get our next rainfall, but nonetheless I’m enjoying my 80-degree F January with every fiber of my San Diegan being.

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I’ve lived in Los Angeles my entire life, and this “summer in January” we’re having this year is getting really, really old. I do like the weather, but I know that every day that it’s sunny and warm is another day that we aren’t getting rain. Besides, I really can’t remember another year when we’ve had such a huge brushfire in January. It’s going to be an ugly summer.


It’s a beautiful photo, but I feel no envy. I am grateful for a real Winter. I don’t enjoy warm Winters and scorching Summers. I enjoy the differences in seasons, call me odd, I don’t care.


[quote=“IMB, post:5, topic:20447”]
I am grateful for a real Winter.
[/quote]I feel exactly the same way. I love it cold, when it’s supposed to be cold.

We’re forecast 8F Friday morning, which actually is as low as it ever goes where I live, in the American Southeast, and I plan on getting up early for a long walk in it, predawn, to catch it at its coldest. (I realize that, for people living closer to the poles, 8F may be called “mild”, but I’ll take what I can get.)


Cold is fine by me. Winter is my favorite season overall It’s windy cold that I don’t like.


To contrast, here is January in Chicago:

(from the Chicago Tribune site)


Yeesh, those pictures make Hoth look like a tropical getaway. I guess I picked the right state to live in—I don’t even own a winter coat.

The enjoyment of days like this is severely undermined by the worry about what they represent. Everyone’s got a little thought ticking in the back of their head that it should be raining (or snowing, in the mountains). A brilliantly sunny and relatively mild day on a regular winter is a nice treat. Endless septemberish weather when you know it should be raining cats & dogs just brings unease, especially when you know you’re in for a summer of hacking your lungs out.


I’m sorry novium. That sucks.

I could always trip over a small dog and tumble in front of a bus before the bill comes due on this fine weather, so I’ll just enjoy it thoroughly while I may.

What else should I do? A rain dance?

heh, maybe. You wouldn’t believe the things they’re doing up in tahoe. There’s a whole book of superstitious ritual, and they’re working their way through all of 'em.

But maybe I’m just too used to the mountains. Bad winters like this are definitely viewed with the same ill-ease and concern as, oh, hurricanes are back east or something.

I like having seasons, and I wouldn’t want to live somewhere (long term) which didn’t require some type of coat during the winter. And there’s a part of me that is happy Chicago is finally getting some real winter weather, because for quite a few years our winters weren’t doing the proper freezing that our latitude needs (for some perennials, insects, etc.). What we’ve been experiencing this month, however, is a little too much of a good thing.

Meanwhile in SE Michigan, SUNDOG! Yup, finally saw one in southeast Michigan this morning.

I thought I had left Minnesota winters in Minnesota. Once every decade or so, one pays a call on Michigan. This is the coldest it’s been here since 1996.

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