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I dispute that this has been a shitty winter.

I actually think it’s the most enjoyable winter we’ve had in years because there was actually snow that fell in quantity and covered up the brown desolation that the midwest converts itself into during October.


Wow, that’s actually a nicely illustrated little article. Out of scientific curiosity I checked out every other link on that page, and every other Buzzfeed article was utter crap. Even the one about anti-Daily Mail stickers! That site is like Boing Boing’s inverse.


Buzzfeed is weird. There’s just enough interest in doing something good over there that stuff like this turns up from time to time, but it’s inevitably bobbing around in a sea of cut-paste listicles and food porn.


I could not agree more. The Northeast hasn’t seen a winter this good since I was a kid, in my opinion. I mean, we actually have snow. And it’s actually been sticking around. For at least the last few years, it would snow a couple of inches or even a foot, and then it would have melted away within a week.

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It’s also lovely because way down here in crazy-state (that would be FL) it’s been chilly here and there, as in sub-30’s a few times and sub-50’s for upwards of a week at a time. Which is awesome, for here. Especially so since many of the residents whine about it, and that, for some reason, causes me pleasure.


You say that like food porn is a bad thing.

2013 was also Australia’s hottest year on record, and we’ve had multiple record breaking hot days over January and February so far. So yes, I can confirm it’s been damn hot here.

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