Japan closes famous hot spring due to orgies

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Groomers gonna groom.



There are tons of onsen JAVs (Japanese Adult Videos) - I guess now we know where they were being filmed. I wonder if it was as famous as The Pool?


No need to try to manage the place. Just shut it down completely…


Watashi wa atsusa no naka, inu, keikoku nashi furīku no yōdesu watashi wa sō kakushitsu watashi’ gen’in, sekkusu e no yokkyū o motte imasu

Two Live Crew

most likely it IS a “wise” way of managing it. the ops are probably getting paid off and when the onsen inevitably re-opens the prudes will turn a blind eye or get accustomed to going elsewhere, if such option exists. everyone wins?

Is it really necessary to refer to people who don’t enjoy onsen while having to look and listen to people screwing in said onsen as prudes? Maybe they’re not the problem in this case?


Maybe the real problem is making porn in the onsen while it’s open to the general public. This is considered bad manners in almost every advanced nation.


Draft dodger! Public sex now for civic duty!

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Really? You’re taking the word of one guy’s website just because he puts “Reporter” in the URL?

The grauniad good enough for you?


Incidentally, Tokyo reporter is a collection of translations of stories from Japanese tabloid magazines which means the stories they run are as salacious and the fact checking is as rigorous as you would expect. It is, however, an excellent English-language resource for stories about the seedier side of Japan because although the original articles can have a somewhat-less-than-healthy relationship with reality they are drawn from the Japanese press and aren’t prone to the same “ohemgee! Japan is kerrraaaazy!” tone of most Western media coverage.

Blog, yes. Tabloid source, yes. Still more reliable than 90% of Western media when it comes to reporting on Japan.


How unAmerican. Obviously the solution is to have special increased rates for orgies and make a profit out of the whole deal.

Nobody wants to see your junk, big guy,

Worth pointing out that the tabloids from which Tokyo Reporter “liberally” translates are as often 90% to be taken with a large grain of salt.


I don’t think you quite understand how much money an onsen operator makes. The cost to visit most onsen is about $5. The operators aren’t exactly flush with money. The only way these things stay in business is if people respect the place.

$5 to visit the onsen? Really? I mean, I’ve never been to Japan, and I haven’t really seen footage of onsens outside of anime, but from the ostensibly more realistic depictions in anime, I would figure (in America) they’d charge a heck of a lot more than $5 per visitor. But that’s just a hunch. I mean, the YMCA is free, and public pools often charge in the range of $5 per visitor, but onsens seem a lot nicer than a public pool, or the Y. They look to me an awful lot like nice hotels.

Yes. Maybe in a city, a super ultra plush onsen could set you back $25, but that is the exception. The thing is, there are literally tens of thousands of onsen in Japan. Not only is there too much competition for higher prices, but the populace would revolt since going to an onsen is like a fundamental human right.

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