Interview with the number one hostess in Tokyo

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Jesus. Tell me she gets a tax write-off for that.


“If they flirt with me and I like it, then we’ll have sex”

Ok…that changed what I thought the job was about 180 degrees.

But if she likes it, who am I to disagree?

Though it does bring up the issue of Hostess trafficking, since she said they “found” her in her hometown after searching all over Japan for hostesses…


So #1 prostitute? NTTAWYT, just sayin’…

Now I can’t tell if the headline reads “Toykyo” intentionally or not! :thinking:

She does say she’s never gotten paid for having sex.


“If they flirt with me and I like it, then we’ll have sex”

Errr, I guess you’re technically correct in the “here’s how much I charge for my services” kind of way. I guess this institution is smart enough not to have a menu on the wall.


I like the Japanese. They’re weird. Always amazed at how extreme the porn can get, breasts, assholes, bondage, SM, torture, piss , piss drinking, shit, shit eating, I’m sure I’m forgetting somehings; but, by law, genitalia must be pixilated.

Prostitution is by definition remuneration for sexual services. This hostess’s clients aren’t entitled to sexual services for the money they spend with her. Now one could argue the wisdom or professional ethics of non-sex workers sleeping with their clients, but without quid-pro-quo, it’s not prostitution.

Regardless of profession, women disproportionately face a perception that if they sleep with anyone they have any professional relationship with, be it superior, subordinate, client or contractor, that it’s prostitution. Whereas men are traditionally expected to desire sex, women are traditionally expected to trade sex. The transactional nature of sex work is not the problem, but the default perception of women as sexually transactional is one of the ambient biases of a patriarchal society, and it’s wrong because it ignores women’s real desire for sex in and of itself.

Most of the time people aren’t even aware of the bias because it’s so deeply baked into our culture.

BTW, just so I’m being clear. I know you aren’t intentionally saying all women are sexually transactional. Indeed, observing that there’s nothing wrong with sex work is a rather enlightened view integral to body-sovereignty and more people should get on board with that view. I’m just pointing out why an overly expansive definition of prostitution can be problematic. But I didn’t want you to think I’m taking you to task.


Roppongi being of course only one district of Tokyo and really not where the money is. In fact Roppongi of 2019 is pretty far from happening at all a pale shade of what it once was. I’m curious how her earnings compare to higher priced areas like Ginza or Akasaka. Heck I wouldn’t even be surprised if that level of earnings are matched in Kabukicho simply because cash flows very freely there.

I understand your broader argument but it seems misplaced here. This woman sells companionship, and she sleeps with her clients when they “flirt” with her by spending lots of money. It’s just prostitution. Nothing wrong with that, but let’s call it what it is.

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Yup. And to be straight up, many of the arguments presented are what Escorts in the US say as well.

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