Japan TV show pranks unsuspecting people with elevator problem


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/30/japanese-television-show-prank.html


It’s funny because they think they’re about to die.


When I’m about to die I likely will shit my pants, just a heads up on that.


I can’t believe they fell for it.


And for some strange reason, it was always a woman that they did it to…


I wonder if the audience expects screams? A potentially racist assumption to explain a potentially sexist scenario…


We are this close to “Ow! My Balls!”


“sadistic standards” Guessing somewhere on your bookshelf there is a manual.


This particular video was all women but on YouTube they show the prank on guys, as well.


Yeah, I noticed that too. But you know… it’s Japan and all that.


So… do Japanese elevators usually come with a bowing elevator man? I would think that would raise some suspicions?


Their tort liability laws must be fascinating.


They do, quite often.


Fake and staged. Who gets into an elevator, stops right in the middle, and doesn’t turn around to face forward?


I imagine it’s the same as radio pranks in the US.


The land of Broken Ankles
All I can think
when I see high heels
is forty five degree angles
no matter how much foam there is


They all knew they were going to fall #sorry.


Only women. rlly?


Holy forking shirtballs, this is awful. If it’s real, people would be so traumatized by this. I also can’t help but think that it would be nearly impossible to keep people from actually hurting themselves - in between hitting themselves on the rim of the trap door, and falling 3+ feet (while wearing heels, no less), there’s a big opportunity for real injuries here.

Yeah, no kidding. This is a recipe for broken ankles, even if they’re hitting bottom immediately after the camera stops.

Yeah, it’s suspicious. It seems like they’re expecting to exit the elevator on the opposite side- they’re all moving forward looking at the back wall, not even necessarily stopping in the middle, and certainly not stopping where one would turn around to press the elevator buttons. I suspect they were given some sort of instruction, even if they’re not aware what’s going to happen (and I don’t think they were - those facial expressions are a little too convincing). And even if it’s completely staged, they risked injury with this stunt.


Yeah the second or third lady looked really close to hitting the far edge of the trapdoor. Not cool.