Japanese broadcaster sends false alarm saying North Korea launched missile

I read like two sentences into that, saw it was the Anathem wiki, and decided, maybe I should give this book a shot.

  Despite the great amount of terror that nuclear-armed InterContinental Ballistic Missiles seem to conjure up, the worst missile attacks thus far have been with conventional warheads. SCUDs were put to use with deadly effect by Saddam Hussein, and those have a much shorter range. http://articles.latimes.com/1991-02-26/news/mn-1889_1_scud-attack

Have ICBMs ever been actually used in warfare? I remember seeing a massive explosion in the recent Yemen civil war, that some claimed was an ammo dump going up and others claimed was a huge missile hitting.. perhaps a combination of both

i think cruise missiles have been used far more, and with mixed results (like trump's recent patriot missile fiasco in syria)

The previous alerts did go to the phone-based notification system, however, one of them when we were all still asleep!

Duck and cover 2.0

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