Japanese hamburger crocs


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I stand corrected. Evidently they could make Crocs worse.


Thank goodness they’re only available in Japan!

Nice, but not as stylin’ as the dayglo lemon/lime crocskin pattern ones.

Edit: Neat, they do Jackson Pollock signature crocs, too.

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the “I’ve given up” footwear


Uggs for Olds

@alloftheabove; Oh you people take yourself too seriously. I wear crocs as deck shoes, especially when grilling. Nothing else I’ve found is as easy to slip on and off when going between deck and kitchen while carrying lots of food/plates/etc. I don’t love the way they look, but they sure are comfortable and convenient. This burger design would be perfect for the summer BBQ. I’m going to have to ask some of my Japanese relatives to pick them up for me - I must have them!


That also makes them good for small children. My kids would probably get a kick out hamburger shoes.

I will remember today as the first day I have ever wanted a pair of crocs.


I was just on the Japanese site and, kids sizes only! Damn you Japan.

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I’d rather stick my feet into a pair of actual hamburgers.

Crocs are also really great if you live near an ocean – they are great shoes to walk a bit in the water because they dry off really quickly but are more comfortable than flip-flops, imho. Is the whole “crocs are bad” meme just based on shallow vanity or is there something more substantial to it?

They may be cheesy, but it really buns me out that they’re not available in adult sizes. I would’ve relished them.


Oh, no, don’t start that again…

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Nipper approves!


Here’s the “bling” for those too lazy to click through. Crocs and these croc accessories are inexplicably popular in Japan.

Also, these are available in grown human sizes.

Size 22 cm to 31 cm.

^(that’s US men’s 5-13)

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