Japanese robot die always rolls a six


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Even cooler if you had two. I want some!


Step 2: make it programmable, so you can specify “roll this sequence of numbers.”


It doesn’t look like that’s possible. It appears to work by unfolding itself, at which point when it refolds itself it has the six on top, and it will always be the six because of how its constructed.


It would be really fun to make such a die with a little ‘kicker’ inside it that would cause it to roll itself over until the desired number was up. Had I any interest in gambling, I’d do that.


I don’t think you could use that for gambling.


Next step: create a D20 that always rolls 20


What about a die with a little display on each side, and reconfigure the shown numbers after it comes to rest?

…better, even - couple it with some cameras around the table, and have a system where the die shows superposition of all the numbers on each side, and only when it is detected that somebody is looking at it it pauses at a random number. Quantum die FTW!


That thing is so slow…

How long do you have to wait before you can declare a die has stopped rolling? One second? Two seconds?


iacta alea est.


Can’t they make it reconfigure faster? I don’t think I can distract the croupier that long.


It looks like a scary bomb. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wanna bet?


Really? It looks like it was assembled.


How about a pair of dice made out the same paperwhite screens as a Kindle. You could literally do anything you wanted … until someone else picks up the dice.

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