Japanese women pay handsome man to make them cry, then dry their tears

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I’m lost, again.


The Japanese are so reserved.


Sure looks like Japanese guys have the whole “relationship thing” down pat…


I wonder if Lt. John Pike is still looking for work. I wouldn’t call him “handsome” but he could probably make up for it in volume.



I’m reminded of what someone once said in the late 90’s about nostalgia for the recently departed Soviet Union: “I miss having another planet on this planet.”


i love that the world has such different people in it. more damn it, give me more!!!


OH, so they watch a video, the person isn’t actually making them cry.


That’s exactly what I thought too! That this was some sort of break-up fantasy or something.


Found yourself lost again ?


I love the Japanese, and am convinced I’ve been Japanese in other lives. But man, Japanese culture can be weird as FUCK. So is every culture, of course. But man, the Japanese do come up with some weird, weird shit.


Handsome weeping boy therapy, divorce solemnization, special edition “Happy Divorce” newspapers, the world’s largest collection of stationary store pen scribble test papers
∴ Hiroki Terai is an artist.

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What just happened…

PS - he didnt even, like, dry the tears properly

ok, my oh-so-clever comment was going to be “In America, we call that service ‘a Netflix drama’” but I guess that’s what they’re doing too (just in public, and with the added hanky service)

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So, basically, these women pay to be with a handsome young man in an intimate moment?

I know very little of the Japanese culture, but it certainly seems gender specific with women playing a submissive role in almost every aspect of life. Is there a therapy session where a beautiful dominant mistress belittles a man until he breaks down into tears and then she gently wipes away his tears? ‘Therapy session’ being the key phrase here… not sexual fetish. I just don’t get it.

Interesting, but still doesn’t explain the Japanese culture of today. I would have thought Japanese women would have pushed the envelope further after the Taishô era had begun. But it only lasted between 1912 and 1926. Was it too far out of the norm to sustain itself? I wonder if the worldwide rise of Japanese Imperialism had anything to do with it.

They’re very repressed. Rather than change the aspects of the culture that aren’t working, they maintain the status quo and find workarounds…like this. Pretty sad, eh?

Geesh, I’ve cried at work a bunch but because I was mad as hell or thought I was fired. Who knew – actually was therapeutic relief of months of gut wrenching anxiety. For FREE!

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