Jeepneys: souped-up rides from the Philippines

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Pretty cool. Slap an upper deck on it, and you’ll really have something.

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This immediately reminded me of Bosozoku bike culture over in Japan

I don’t think “half-assed” translates - culturally speaking - in Japan :thumbsup:

ETA: There is also a Northern European bike culture that features exaggerated tails on sportbikes - anyone remember/know where that is? Can’t seem to remember.

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Yes. Yes. That does appear to be full-assed.

I wished they looked that nice in real life on the streets of Manila!

I was at the caves on Elephanta Island off of Mumbai and this crazy vision popped into my head of the Batmobile screaming out of one of the caves and speeding away, only it wasn’t black. It was all painted and decorated like a truck from the region.

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