Jeff Goldblum rates Jeff Goldblum tattoos


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The tattoos are fine, but look at his shirt! What a shirt!


They need to bring back 70s shag-vans to give some of that artwork a place to go other than on human flesh.


These are temporary tattoos, right?
Especially the brightly colored ones?
I know nothing of tattoos.

Someone please tell me they are temporary.


I knew someone who got a big sailor tattoo so she could be a mermaid in a two week art show. I said it seemed rather permanent for a two week show. She reminded me that nothing is permanent.

So yes, they are temporary. One way or another.


Yes, but how many Deputy Kovacs out of a possible 10 Deputy Kovacs do these get?


Since human skin cells live about two or three weeks, and are continually being replaced, those tattoos will be gone soon, right? :wink:


Jeff Goldblum is a national treasure. Just reading his opinions of his “Thor: Ragnorok” collaborators will make you smile.


He is.
Also, I was curious how old he was and googled him - 65 is the answer. And his wife is 30 years younger.
That’ll keep you young. To a point. :slight_smile:


I found Jurassic Pizza of Islamabad.


Wow, Earth Girls Are Easy!


Were I to get a Jeff Goldblum tattoo, there is only one real choice i see:

but only if it’s animated.


That’ll be in Bladerunner 2059

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