Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblums a special Jeff Goldblum meal for you


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I’m Jeff Goldbluming right now.


And Jonathan Gold, don’t forget.


Jeff Goldblum somehow, someway makes spazzing out super charming.


i had a black leather jacket like jeff wears and left it behind 7 years ago when i moved because i realized it made me look ridiculous.
Jeff, unless you’re a full time biker you’re TOO OLD to wear a motorcycle jacket.



LOL. I clicked on the reply and the first thing I see is this. Bravo good man, bravo! Hahaha!


He seemed to be on the edge of senility at times. Maybe that’s his schtick.


That’s been his shtick for a long time. In pretty much any appearance post Jurassic park he seems to be a little high-strung and always seems to be grasping for words like a man in the ocean clinging to debris to stay afloat.

If you liked him here, you’d like his appearances on Portlandia.



I love that “Jeff Goldblum” is now a verb!


that’s not a shtick, he’s just Jeff Goldbluming!





Needless ageism aside, not everyone can look as good as Jeff Goldblum does in… well, everything.

Even as an older dude, he’s still got it… and he can get it…


His delight in life is contagious. I love how part of his schtick is that he’s letting you in on that secret.


Too true. And while not all of us age as gracefully as Goldblum, a leather jacket always can if well loved.


When it comes to folks who get annoyed with him for his idiosyncratic personality, it says more about them than it ever will say about Goldblum.


Have you considered that the problem might have been that you weren’t Jeff Goldblum enough?


Mate, Jeff Goldblum can wear anything.
I loved the video, he is just so delightfull.


I would cook him a nice meal if he drops by.