Jeffsum: placeholder text drawn from the literary corpus of Jeff Goldblum

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I forgot my mantra.


We want money, mother, now get it!

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This is all kinds of awesome, but to me, the result reads more like holy scripture than the traditional nonsensical Latin of lorem ipsum. I’m going to see if I can derive the Ten Goldblumandments outta this.

First, obviously, is " I. If you say oops, than try again without the oops. Yes, yes, without the oops!"

Other suggestions for II-X?


In one of Goldblum’s lesser-known films (The Favour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish) he plays a homeless man who is drafted by a photographer who specializes in religious imagery to portray Christ.

At one point he is spotted by some nuns who “recognize” him from the paraphernalia bearing his image and is implored to heal a blind child. To appease them he lays his hand on the boy’s forehead and starts mumbling some Latin-sounding gibberish (…uh, Habeus Corpus…). It’s a pretty silly and thoroughly sacreligious film.


Obligatory, since you introduced us to Yarn, Rob.


I love that film! Haven’t thought about it for years, but definitely worth a rewatch.

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