Jeff Sessions orders prosecutors to charge Americans "with the most serious offense you can prove"


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Why? Why would he want this? There’s so much I don’t understand. Is he a pantomime villain?

Time for a thirty-year update/reissue of this album, I think:



Do you have any idea how much money the private prison industry contributes to the Republican Party?

Besides which this is key element of Making America Great Again, going back to the glory days of Jim Crow and prison labor gangs (which conveniently bypass the Thirteenth Amendment.)


Four things come to mind immediately, in no particular order:

  1. New business for the private prison industry

  2. Allowing the regime to make life more miserable for protestors

  3. Gauging loyalty to the regime amongst career federal prosecutors

  4. More African-Americans in the slammer and on work gangs


Wow there’s no way that could possibly backfire for this administration.


Holy Shades of Nixon! How much of a Trumphole can he be?


Isn’t this the norm for any prosecutor? To charge a defendant with the most serious thing they can prove.


This vicious policy makes perfect sense. In case someone hasn’t already posted one, here’s a link to the memo.

How else can we keep private prison profits up?


Great list/reply, thanks.
I had thought of number 1, but I wonder sometimes if the problems of prison overpopulation might conceivably overwhelm, on the balance sheet, the ill-gotten gains of private prisoning…?
Number 3 is next-level evil, jesus, hadn’t thought of that. Bad, bad, bad.

I’m with Pete!


I think so, or at least threaten to, that gives them something to bargain with to try to get a plea from the defendant.


No, it’s not. As an example, nowadays in many states, cancer patients are not charged for possession of cannabis. In other states, no one is.



Are you in fact an attorney? I’d like to hear from an actual litigator who works on the prosecution side of things. Now maybe it’s me having watched too many episodes of law & order, or seen to many court room procedural films, or maybe it’s just that is logical in my head.

Why would any prosecutor go for the lowest possible charges? Wouldn’t they always go for the highest?

Your example doesn’t negate any of that.


And don’t forget:

  1. More “urban” types barred from voting in future.


I’m surprised it wasn’t “urbane types”; the present Administration doesn’t seem to like them much, either.


Plea-bargaining for political purposes, maybe?


Oh, I get it now. Unless I am an attorney, I shouldn’t have an opinion on how a racist lying sack of shit like Jeff Sessions plans to use the power of his office. Thanks for letting me know this about you, in the context of Americans pursuing life, liberty and happiness. It should save so much time in the future.


Sadly, at this point I’m reading that in earnest rather than as irony.