Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner has died at 74

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“We are all outlaws in the eyes of America”

This is awful news, of recent deaths this is the one that matters most to me.

But, the Jefferson Airplane were more like electrified folk, listen to “Jefferson Airplane Takes Off”, the one with Signe Anderson on vocals. It’s not all that electric, or improvised, though I like it.

“The Great Society” were “pioneering” the San Francisco Sound, their live album (two records) released later are so much more electric. Their version of “Sally go Round the Roses” is very electric, though when I later heard the Jaynette’s version, that sounds very much like the San Francisco Sound. But their live material was more like Paul Butterfield’s East-West, or John Coltrane. And more important, they had “White Rabbit” and “Somebody to Love”.

It was when Signe got pregnant and The Jefferson Airplane needed a new vocalist that Grace joined, bringing the to songs from The Great Society, where she had been vocalist.

The Airplane were always more San Francisco live than on their records.


Last week a year ago.


Hmm. So it was. Wonder why I saw it doing the rounds this week?

I saw Both the Starship several times and the Airplane during the Reunion Tour in 1989. Excellent shows each adn every one. The Reunion tour was special, though as it had the original crew (sans Spencer Dryden). The acoustic set with Kaukonen and Casady was incredible.


2016 sure is seeing its share of musicians passing. :frowning:

January has been brutal so far for rock star deaths…

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A lifetime of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll just does not prepare one for filing a winter fuel allowance claim.

Was that on Facebook? I don’t know if that’s a trend there or a messed-up algorithm.

But according to FB, Yusef Lateef just died. Again.

Must be something more general to musicians: Gunther Schuller, Ornette Coleman and Paul Bley all died in the last few months as well.

Very strong Butterfield influence. I’m listening to “Sally” right now - the influence of Bloomfield’s guitar work on Darby Slick is quite obvious.


As a followup, Signe Anderson, the original singer for the band, died the same day as Paul. She was on the first album, “Jefferson Airplane Takes Off”, and her presence is there.

I remember she had medical problems fifteen years ago or so, there was need for money. One story this week said that Paul was the first member to die, but Spencer Dryden died in 2005. I had wondered about Signe, but wikipedia had her still alive.

I gather the family delayed the announcement till Saturday. This story might get better travel tacked on to Paul’s story.

Her first marriage was to a Merry Prankster.

She wash a blip on the music scene, but that first album is really good. It’s no wonder that after thinking of “We Can Be Together”, it was “Jefferson Airplane Takes Off” playing in my head this weekend.


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