Jeffrey Epstein's social media accounts are as gross as you'd expect

Isn’t that the reason behind the whole “buying Greenland” proposal? The media is easily misdirected.


He really should be buried under a dog area in Central Park- so his victims and the public can walk their pets over him daily and relieve themselves.


Not thinking about him is exactly what allowed him to be, well, him in the first place. It is distasteful, sure, but that is why grown-ups should be in charge. Someone needs to be able to change the diapers.

I don’t give Trump that much credit. His ridiculous behavior isn’t some clever, calculated tactic to distract from the issues of the day so much as a natural expression of who he is.


I would think the situation he was in would be considered duress?

We already know he has some connections to some powerful people. That’s not a conspiracy, that’s fact.


Even so, the ridiculous behavior does a lot to distract from everything that actually matters.


In this context, your metaphor is…disturbing.

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Kind of a BS story. You know who used to like Louis CK? Every liberal female friend I had in Somerville MA. Who likes Van Halen? 65% of males in the 1980s. He probably likes Led Zeppelin too.

Why sensationalize a sensational story with bs?


Sorry xeni. I love you but I can’t read that.

the important word you missed here is “theory”. There is a lot of conjecture about how far Epstein’s “business” hooked into the so-called ruling elites. I immediately recognize the appeal of such a dramatic story, but just because you like an idea doesn’t mean it has any factual basis.

Did Epstein cater to a rich, deviant clientele? Sure, that’s already pretty well established. Did he regularly work with thousands of top people in political positions? Seems doubtful to keep a secret when there are so many participating.

Most likely is Epstein had many layers to his operations. He probably provided innocuous services and hosted relatively tame parties for the majority of people he didn’t know well or trust. I say this just on the general assumption that secrets get out if someone finds themselves involved in something they do not want to be involved in. Nobody introduces themselves as a human trafficker and pedophile, it’s a process before he could have brought someone in on his vile conspiracy.

Erm. I’d definitely consult with a lawyer.

Gross negligence is a legal standard. A lawyer who brings up “gross negligence” is inviting us to consider not what is right or what is just, but what meets the technical standards of the law. And since I haven’t gone to law school, I can’t rightly comment.

I’m not sure the gurads owe a duty to the victims. I would hope, that in general, that prison guards do not owe such duties to crime victims. They may owe some duty of care to prisoners, and staff who may be injured as result of negligence, but inviting them to assume a level of duty to crime victims invites things like torture.

I’m not sure I buy it, but even so every halfway prominent person who was ever innocently partying (or working with, or spending anytime with) Jeffrey is hoping this topic goes away quickly.

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Even if they did not engage in any illegal activities themselves, but they did notice the young girls that he was always with, then perhaps they should have looked into that a little deeper. You know, to ensure he was not raping underage girls. Because that’s how someone like Epstein really gets away with this level of crime - they just don’t care to probe any deeper.



How did Trump get in there? He didn’t appoint any of the eight justices who took part in this unanimous decision. Not everything is a conspiracy.

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