Jen Psaki pokes fun of wimpy RNC in the most delightful way

Media outlets like the Daily Heil and Faux News are built on a core mission of scaring old white people.


I know what you mean.
When I want to hear from an asshole, I’ll fart.


They’ve been fussy in debates since “You sir, are no Jack Kennedy”

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Again, democrats don’t actually have the power they would seem to have because 2 senators are undermining everything they are trying to do and they have zero interest in compromising. You cant get laws passed with a senate minority and a Supreme Court that has been packed by right wingers.


Yes, obviously. What I object to is the general acquiesence to that on the part of Dem pols and their general establishment. Compare, for perhaps the most egregious example, Tromp’s headline-grabbing truculence in the face of opposition, including from his own party, to Biden’s relatively mild-mannered allowances that “Gosh darn it, we may not be able to get this thing done,” and so on.

Granted, Tromp went too far with public displays of outrage, seemingly cutting ties with anyone who even merely disagreed with him. Nevertheless, If Biden and other Dems were better at grabbing headlines like Tromp did, and would at least pretend that they have a similar fire in their bellies and a willingness to fight a lot harder, Manchin and Sinema could perhaps be swayed, or at least shamed (and really, given the way backroom politics often works, surely there are ways to “get to” those two). That kind of displayed commitment might also attract more voters, and might have attracted more voters, so Dems wouldn’t even be in this 48-to-52 position.


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