Jen Psaki explains that plans by Republicans and supported by Republicans are in fact Republican plans regardless of Mitch McConnell

Originally published at: Jen Psaki explains that plans by Republicans and supported by Republicans are in fact Republican plans regardless of Mitch McConnell | Boing Boing


I’m going to miss her when she’s gone. I hope her replacement will be as quick on her feet. :slight_smile:


This is a great example of why even the best press secretaries have a high turnover rate. It must take a lot of time to do the homework required to come that prepared.


Also a good example of why her successor will be equally prepared. Jen can’t possibly do all of the research, fact-checking, pre-game analysis and compiling herself, though I have no doubt she burns the candle at both ends. She’s clearly got a brilliant team and has selected from among them the person she feels best suited to fill her shoes.


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I know it would trigger the far right, but if they continue to get nothing but bad faith questions from certain outlets, why even bother letting them attend? Or let them attend, but just refuse to call on them? Is it just to highlight how insane they are? I think these outlets are likely to heavily edit things anyway…


Because that’s what trump did and they don’t want to go down that road


Also it is refreshing to have someone in a public role calling out the bad faith questions.

If only for the BoingBoing posts. :wink:


Jen Psaki wit da receipts!

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The right-wing media was going to run with the “Biden is mischaracterizing Senator Scott’s tax plan as a ‘Republican’ plan” narrative whether she let them ask the question or not, so at least this way she had an opportunity to clearly and definitively refute it.


I want to have Jen Psaki’s babies.

You might be able to convince Jen and her husband to hire you as a babysitter but she’s probably going to want the kids back eventually.


Well, if I can’t have her babies, can I please have a Jen Psaki chillstep audio. Four hours of Psaki putting little Doocy in his place over some luscious, relaxed beats?


Anyone else actually read that 11-point plan of Scott’s that Jen Psalki was referencing?
As she mentioned, this is the FDC platform; this is what they have in store for the rest of us, if/when they get back in power…
Scott’s Facist Theocracy, Summarized
Here’s Digby’s take
And here’s what the criminal actually wrote. Have a barf bag handy…:
Scott’s 11-point plan

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Holy shit, the meat of it starts at 6 (? I’m not clicking on that shit again) where suddenly you are reading the Mirror, Mirror “reality” the GQP are selling to their rubes. Ridiculous amounts of projection, rejection of the plain meaning of English words and straight-up fascism.


Thanks for sharing. But now that I’ve read all 11 points, fuck that guy and everyone who supports this regressive goblin ass trash.


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