Jeremy Corbyn overpays his taxes


So you just get to decide an action is “wrong”, and that’s that? You’re not worried about law, democracy, legitimacy? If you don’t like “rich people” making laws by the way - like Corbyn, y’know - what are you going to do about it?


Corbyn is rich? Ah, right, he should sell his house and give everyone in England a penny. How can he be claiming to live up to his commie principles if he doesn’t do that?!

Look Frank, if you refuse to see anything wrong with a runaway system of hidden tax avoidance and wealth-hoarding that’s been arranged by and for people who already have more money then they’ll ever be able to spend, and if you’d rather spend your time carping about the absolutely miniscule by comparison personal finances of a politician who openly fights the wealth-hoarders who are stealing billions of pounds and dollars from the rest of us, then that’s your own bowl of putrid porridge to have for breakfast. I much prefer something to eat that most of us could find more nutritous.


So how do tax returns work in the UK? My rough understanding is that unlike the US, most people aren’t required to submit “self-assessment” (?) paperwork because in most cases the requisite income tax is withheld and the information transmitted separately from the individual receiving the money? But if you are required to file the self-assessment paperwork then you have to account for everything?


I have filed a self assessment form, thank you very much. Also thank you very much for joining Boing Boing in order to share your knowledge with us.


If you are self employed you need to do your own tax return in the UK. I guess that politicians count as being self employed.


Its that whole, “illegal” versus “immoral” thing isn’t it?


I suppose, though I’m tempted to throw “rapacious” in there somewhere too.


It’s the Tory way, Millie: legalise moral turpitude for the elite; make chores like tax returns difficult for the “little people” so that you always have something for which to blame them when they dare to complain. Rinse and repeat, and you too can grow a truly luscious oligarchical kleptocracy for yourself.


That’s correct. Unless you have significant income outside of PAYE (normal employment) you don’t have to fill in a SA form. But if you do have additional income, as Corbyn does, you need to feel the whole think in, accurately. I was a freelance for years, I have wrestled with SA, and the HMRC.


Oh dear, so the true colors finally come out.

And no, in England, that’s not “rich,” especially when compared to someone like Cameron, or Blair for that matter – it’s upper middle class, at most.

As for lumping Blair together with Corbyn, just because they’re both Labor – wtf?

You have a nice day, Frank.


Ah, so you’re a Clegg man.


Classic socialist groundshifting - Blair turned out to be a monster so suddenly he was never Labour, Corbyn will be written out of history soon. Odious people.


So you’re saying Corbyn will “turn out to be a monster” too? Seems to me you already think he is one.

And btw, I’m in the U.S., where both Clinton and Sanders are running for president as representatives of the Democratic Party. I think Sanders is pretty great, and Clinton close to completely “odious.” I assume Labour has something of a range within it as well.


I know it is probably a case of “No True Scotsman”, but I’ve long though of Blair and Brown as Continuity Thatcherite Tories. I supported Corbyn simply because he was the only candidate who seemed to offer an alternative to the steady drift towards the right we’ve seen in our political environment. I fully expect him to have feet of clay, but at least he is reflecting something of my view of what is right and proper.


You do know that Tony Blair’s policies were to the right of Edward Heath’s, don’t you?

Also, Blair and Brown era Labour were shit to disabled people, although not as shit as the Tories/LibDems were or Ukip threaten to be. This affects me personally.


Yeah, because HMRC already accounted for it. Investments and savings wouldn’t be on there either, unless an (investment) actually paid out and was made of pre-tax monies. Savings have already been taxed.

Yes, I have filled out self assessment, many times.


The desperate, coded plea of an astroturfer who hates what they do, asking for forgiveness for the bullshit they have to spread to pay the bills.


Here we go - as someone just predicted, socialists immediately rush tot he “no true scotsman” fallacy. Blair was a true “third way” socialist, just like Cameron, his heir, an authoritarian statist.


I suggest you need to read the form before you fill it out next time. Savings and investments need to be declared if they produce any return - there’s no provision for excluding “pre-taxed” income whatever the hell that might be. I’ve already asked HMRC what “separate sheet” pensions etc might be detailed on, as Corbyn’s spokesman suggested - they had no idea what I was talking about. there ain’t no such animal.

Whatever you people might think, Corbyn is in the shit over this. Either he or his press office are bullshitting. It’ll come out.


Would that have been your tory handler at the astroturf-strategy meeting this morning?

And then you’ll finally have some extant, if irrelevant, evidence you can point to when people demand you back up your unfounded assertions of Corbyn concerning his selfish intent to destroy the country for his own gain? Not at all like the old boys, what what.